2 months ago

This is an absolutely beautiful wetlands trail. The whole trail itself is a relatively long loop, but it does branch off at certain points to lead you back to the entrance. The nice part about this park is that each area that you come across feels wildly diverse and different, almost as if you’ve stepped into a different state or region. It’s separated and secluded from any roads and housing complexes, so you don’t get any outside noises bleeding though.

There’s plenty of wildlife on this trail; butterflies at the main entrance, turtles, birds, and even a few alligators.
The nice part about this area is the main building also serves as a learning center for the surrounding wetlands, and the wildlife located around it. There’s also a few tanks located inside that have turtles and baby alligators.

Would recommend to anyone looking to enjoy a really diverse and relaxing trail with almost no outside interference.

pretty. boardwalk. saw an alligator a few months back. lots of birds and ducks

10 days ago

Sunday, March 16, 2014