Nice, easy trails. The water in the river is very clear and worth stopping to track through. Lots of lakes to hike to.

Nice trails. Easy enough to do with the kids. There is also tent, rv, and cabin camping as well as picnic pavilions and tables near a playground. Short drive by car or bike trail if you are up to it into Keystone Heights, a small town with a few restaurants, a grocery store, drug stores, small shops and such.

Been here a lot over the years. This trail connects to the FL trail as well, and it's easy on pets and kids. Highly recommend camping at gold head, and trekking these in spring/ fall.

Been here several times over the years.. Pretty, plenty of trails to walk. A few areas with small shallow creeks on ravines.. Nice to take your shoes off and put your feet in to cool off..

Started at park entrance and followed the Orange Blaze Trail south past Deer Lake to the Picnic Area. Very few critters and birds. It was April, 78F and sunny, with beautiful vistas of budding trees and blue skies. Easy walking: short hills and not a lot of up and down, plus an occasional root to avoid tripping over. Highlight is seeing the ravine and taking the effort to descend the stairs to experience the crystal clear creek at the bottom. My dog drank her fill and cooled off in the creek. I was disappointed that the cabin at the top of the beach/picnic area was not open. A four-panel painting by Harimandir Khalsa that depicts the four seasons of a typical sand hill pine forest is well worth seeing up close. Saw a couple Hawks on the way back.

Ive been going here for years! Theres so much to do and see, and really diverse and hilly for Florida.

Awesome park, quiet and lots of wildlife. Lakes have dried up in past few years.

Absolutely beautiful

Had to go back. The small hike around the ravine is beautiful.

Had a great time on the trail seeing the ravine and walking around in the late day. My son told me he saw a hairy white man up ahead. Now, I knew it wasn't the Bigfoot at the park entrance. I ended up being the rear of a white tail deer going up a side trail. Stayed overnight. There are lots of tics this time of year here.