23 days ago

This is the only trail within miles of me that offers some elevation. While it is near a road part of the way, it is not a busy road, and it did not interfere with the enjoyable ness of our hike. Overall, the hike took my group (two twenty somethings and a forty something) about two hours and forty minutes to complete. We did include the smaller optional loop about two miles into the hike. I highly recommend including it! You get to walk through some serious nature! We even saw a baby dear about five feet away from us! The path is shaded so it helps keep you cool in the heat of Florida. The only real downside to this hike is the shear amount of spiders everywhere. None of them ever bothered me, however, I have never seen so many HUGE spiders in my life. Keep your eyes peeled ;). I think it is best to go early morning or late afternoon. It is located in a very nice town (Amelia island) and it is worth it to explore the downtown area after as a reward for finishing the hike. I will be back to hike it again for sure!