One of the best trails I’ve found and I hike around Sanford also.

This is a great trail. Most of it is soil with only a little bit of boardwalk which I like. When you get to the marsh on the return trip be ready for some elevation. It’s an uphill climb! Good stuff.

easy for kids, Fort is about a quarter of the way through, some other exhibits along the way

Very well defined paths with lots of shape. Be careful, lots of tree roots. I’ll be back.

Absolutely my favorite trail in Jax to date. Love the elevation as it gets your heart pumping.

Very relaxing hike, with varied distances based on your abilities. Elevation in some areas gets the heart pumping. Lots of wildlife to see, especially early in the morning, or evening hours when its cooler. Watch for snakes.

This was a great hike. Wife and I took our 4 boys(10,7,4,1). It is covered most of the way. Remember your bug spray, watch for the crabs on the marsh side of the loop. We took the trail to the tower to get a great view, it's worth the extra few steps but a lot of people bypass it.

Starts off fairly easy but will pick up once you are in a good ways. Def liked the fact that it was challenging. As well as brings you to many different types of terrain. I’d recommend bug repellent. Other than that it’s a wonderful trail.

Nice trail - options to make this as long as you want depending on which trail you follow - we went 3.6mi. BRING BUG SPRAY !!! Good for dogs.

Had an amazing time bring one of my dogs here. It’s covered most of the way which is great for keep it cool as well as offer multiple different terrain options. Would recommend for anyone of any level to check this place out.

So many bugs. Will be avoiding until the fall/winter when the bugs are gone. Only did half my 3 mile run cuz I was getting ate up.

This is such a great place to go! Literally lived next to it for 25 years and never even gave it a thought about exploring it till last weekend. The Timucuan Trail was my favorite out of all of them. Tons of great photo ops!

Came early in the morning right at daylight...made it to the green trail vista right at sunrise...beautiful very well maintained trail with amazing views!!

Quiet enjoy hike through nature at sunrise!

hiked this for the first time with North Florida Trail Blazers. Excellent trails with elevations that most trails in this area don't have. Great views await you on this trail.

I enjoyed the local trail with the mixed terrain. It’s a great hike to do with friends or after work

Best hiking in jax if you’re looking for elevation

Well maintained trail with easy to read maps and trail markers. The trail is also dog friendly and has great views.

Good mix of terrain

Cool little evening trip - really enjoyed it, despite being convinced ol Willie Brown’s ghost still lingers around

Love this trail

it was a great trail we had a great hike well worth it

This is a nice hike, saw a brown bunny.

Very nice little hike.

Somp’n ta do

7 months ago

Such a fun little trail! Slight elevation change that makes it a little challenging and has great views! Well marked with easy access and plenty of parking.

7 months ago

Great short hike. This actually consists of 3 different trails. The Spanish Pond is definitely easy. The back side trails are a lot more rugged. The green trail (can’t remember how to spell the name) is up and down hills. Pretty good grade. Fun time!

Lots of options to veer off and do easier or more difficult trails.

No concrete/asphalt!! Yay! Mostly semi packed sand and dirt. Several distances available as a loop or out and back. Easily accessible trail. Easy parking. Happy Trails:)

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