Good mix of terrain

Cool little evening trip - really enjoyed it, despite being convinced ol Willie Brown’s ghost still lingers around

Love this trail

it was a great trail we had a great hike well worth it

This is a nice hike, saw a brown bunny.

Very nice little hike.

Somp’n ta do

1 month ago

Such a fun little trail! Slight elevation change that makes it a little challenging and has great views! Well marked with easy access and plenty of parking.

2 months ago

Great short hike. This actually consists of 3 different trails. The Spanish Pond is definitely easy. The back side trails are a lot more rugged. The green trail (can’t remember how to spell the name) is up and down hills. Pretty good grade. Fun time!

Lots of options to veer off and do easier or more difficult trails.

No concrete/asphalt!! Yay! Mostly semi packed sand and dirt. Several distances available as a loop or out and back. Easily accessible trail. Easy parking. Happy Trails:)

My favorite hike so far that was a little challenging. Seeking something more challenging in jax.

According to MapMyHike app and my fit bit it’s a little short of 5 miles the way we walk the trail. We are doing this 2-3 times a week around 9 am. You get to see an overlook and history throughout the trails plus a short elevated area . Not the mountains im used to from San Diego but this will do!! Next time we are crossing the street to fort Caroline loop to make it over 6 mile. In Instagram we are tagging #mayporthiking

Love it, GREAT workout.

Been hiking Timicuan for many years, as it is by far the most beautiful and diverse trail in Duval County.

Loved it. Took my dogs for a morning hike. Came across one staff, very friendly. Went on a Monday morning, i was the only person on the trail. Definitely will return in the future.

Tough, saw a snake views were gorgeous trail was very narrow in spots.

Great workout and quiet. Came across two park staff and they showed me an eagle's nest. Will definitely be back

Favorite hike north of the GTM. Beautiful ending. Trail hugging the marsh is great for nature lovers. Cool history as well.

Excellent trail but watch out for alligators! Came across a 6ft guy today just walking up the trail!!

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