Made 6 miles hike by combining east and west loops. Eastern most end of trail is rough, trail turned up as fire stop it seems. Western most loop is tough to follow without app. Trail sort of disappears into grass field and brambles.
There are marshy areas, I image in the rainy season it will be very wet. Nice diverse scenery just needs a little maintenance.

This is a very nice trail that was washed out in a few places but overall not in bad shape. It is hard to follow at times but this app was a big help. We are going to use it a lot to train for the Appy Trail in the fall. Break in shoes and get packs adjusted kind of stuff. Wear long pants and long sleeves and put on the bug spray so you can really enjoy it.

Not a terrible trail, there are points where you can get lost but it’s easy to get back on track. Your going to be walking through a lot of marsh and plains when on the trail but you soon enter a forest which is by far the best point on the trail. Terrain was not hard at all however I did get my feet wet from walking in unavoidable marsh water. Overall good trail but nothing that’s going to blow you away.

Trail was not marked well. Made some wrong turns. Using map on this app helped get back on track. Followed markers and it still sent us in wrong direction. Lot of open grass and sand trails in the sun. Not much in trees.

Small-ish parking, couple picnic tables under cover. Trail starts at north end of picnic area. West end is closed for trail repair (hurricane Erma??). Open grass to walk through tree canopy, to very open LARGE grass area, turned right about 1/2 mile in tree line with a creek crossing. Choose LEFT after you clear the trees, trail leads on to the woods. You have the option to go straight OR turn right for a half loop (did the loop). Either way you will end up in a marsh area which leads back to the woods.