We love this trail! Smooth paddling up the canal but please use your judgement when entering Coot Bay it can be too choppy to enter in a small vessel such as a kayak or canoe. We saw gators and crocs, birds, gar fish and there IS the possibility of seeing manatees but over the four times we have gone we have not seen any. Quiet paddling will help if you are interested in seeing them.

The trail from flamingo to coot bay and returning (full there-and-back) was 6.4 miles. They quote less but we usd GPS device and mapping and find it impossible to be that significantly less mileage that they quote. On a windy day we made it there and back in 2 hours so if you are renting a kayak and plan on non-stop paddling you can make it. If you want to relax book the kayak for longer!