We took our kids here last week for a nature walk and were pleased to find a good combination of wilderness and easy walking trails! The trailhead is a good walk away from the parking area. Walk down the road to the sidewalk and then go a ways down the sidewalk. You will be able to see a boardwalk through the brush before you can see the trail entrance. There is a map on the bulletin board and I would suggest snapping a photo of it before you go! We missed the blue blaze in the beginning and ended up going on the wrong trail, but all in all it was a fun hike!

Nice place lots of other trails to hike too

spent 20 minutes trying to find a trail head before we gave up.

Both loops and the spur are open now, with minimal water on the ground for all the rain we just had.

Only the preserve loop is open right now as of April 2018. So that is the loop on the right. It is marked on the map in the parking lot. Also the trail head is kind of hidden but it is also marked on the map. Did the whole loop today, it was about 2 miles starting from the parking lot and back. The trail is marked well. Didn’t run into any wildlife either. It was actually pretty peaceful. Nice little walk.

Nice area but trails could be a little better marked. Saw an armadillo. Fun!

Beautiful trail. Plenty of birds and wildlife. The blue loop is well marked but be careful on the yellow loop. You can easily go off trail like I did. The maps to the trail are kept in the black box on the trail information board in the parking. The yellow loop extends into other sections that are not marked on the map.

I would like to try this trail again, but with a good GPS. The trail is not marked well at all. As a matter of fact, I never did find the trailhead entrance. Then after I found the trail, there were 3 different unmarked path choices at one point, and discovered later that’s were I went off trail. It took me about an hour to backtrack. I would have enjoyed it so much more if it was clearly marked. The scenery is very pretty and it isn’t crowded at all, actually very isolated.

Hard to find the trailhead from the parking lot, but once there the Hardwood Forest Loop and Cypress Spur were our favorites. Noah was a tree-climbing, vine-swinging fool out there.

Hidden gem in Pasco County