Photos of Colt Creek State Park Trails

Very unique place to hike. The trail is all two-track roads and is very well marked. You certainly can feel isolated, but never feel like you're completely removed. The official maps mark the main trail at 10-miles, but it is well short of that, probably closer to between 8 or 9 miles. You'll traverse mostly pinewood flats, while meandering around cypress domes and swamp. In a few places, you'll skirt the edges of pastures which were used when the property used to be for cattle. Because it is technically a swamp, there are a few places that get muddy and wet - but nothing more than ankle deep water (though it could be higher during the peak of wet season). The lakes at the center of the park are the only real point of interest. I'd actually give it a 3.5 out of 5, but rounded up. Not bad, but not great

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