4 months ago

Sometimes this trail has very thick grass and it is difficult to walk or ride a bicycle through. Not really that much wildlife either ... good for a walk but that is about it.

good for the main purpose of getting my dog out of the house for a bit. and logging some miles for my 100 mile challenge. easy and quick. lots of birds if you're interested. not very crowded. a few cactus plants but road has recently been mowed.

Boring trail. Very little wildlife. Some birds, crab shells and not much else.

on Cruickshank Trail

9 months ago

This trail is flat but very open. Lots of high grass and cactus to have to navigate around. We saw a lot more wildlife on the Blackpoint Drive in than we did on this trail. I would not consider this trail kid-friendly due to the heat and the cactus and high grasses. The parts closest to the parking area are fairly hard packed, but the back part of the loop did have high grasses; and multiple washouts. I"m sure the hurricanes this summer have effected the maintenance schedule which probably explains the high grasses that have to be navigated.

11 months ago

Yes it was only about 20 minute walk for the loop, but well worth it the wind was blowing. You feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. No one else is on this trail. I was going to do the big bridge with all the cars because it looked fun too but this is what I needed after a long day. I walk too fast because I was a little worried about the sun going down, but it would be a fun trail to be very slowly. There were a few wet spots but nothing really bad. I was hoping to see the birds coming home at night to roost, but I did not this evening. This might be a fun one to do during a full moon

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Nice short trail. As the name implies it goes thru some scrub habitat. Also loops more closely to Mosquito Lagoon than the map shows.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nice but short.

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