2 months ago

It was a nice hike. Started at the parking lot under the power lines and followed the trail back to the creek. It was hot and sunny, 95. I would say most of the trail is shaded/partially shaded. Trail was wide most places, but sandy. The inclines/declines was a plus. We stopped to take pics at the spur leading to the creek. Almost a tragic mistake. After I took the pic, looked down, and saw a snake out of the corner of my eye. It was a coral snake about 3' away from us. It wasn't aggressive, just kind of slithering in our direction. Used a trekking pole to redirect it, and it went right back from where it came. Overall, it was nice. Just a typical NE Florida hike.

My two grandsons (14 and 9) and I took the path indicated by the map posted at the top of this article. The "connector" between the two loops goes along a power line. It's an easy hike (but take lots of water in the summer) with some changes in scenery as you get near the water. There's no real access to the creek along this trail

We hiked at mid-day, so we didn't see much wildlife apart from, maybe, 500 skinks and small lizards. We did find a hatched snake/tortoise egg and some bobcat, raccoon, and deer prints.

Some of the other maps posted here show a trail off to another point of the creek that has a campsite, I think. I'll check this out if I go again.

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6 months ago

Great walk saw two baby fawns down by remote camp site, about a mile from start I followed a grayish/black bobcat for about a 100 yards, of course when I got my camera out it heard me and off it went..

Nice quiet hike with the potential for like 10 miles. There are porta-potties right near the entrance and a few campsites scattered around. It's not exactly remote, there are houses and power lines visible from most of the trails, but I actually really enjoyed walking along the power lines. If you're quiet you can actually hear the electricity, which is weird and cool. There's a lot of sand though, as other people have said, and it definitely tires you out a lot faster.

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Pretty fun.