Photos of Big Cypress National Preserve Birding Trails

We went NOBO on this trail to where we had a parked car at the Oasis Visitor Center. A friend drove us from the Center on Loop Road to the start of the trail. Be aware that Loop Road is a dirt road—slow going in the car and if it had not been dry season, would probably be muddy.

The entire trail is beautiful and a Florida boy’s dream. This is a very dry season, and there was no mud at all for the first five miles. Mile 5-6 was rough, because the terrain changes, you are in woods/water, and there are poor markings on the trail. Make sure you have a long sleeve shirt, because there is overgrowth at this point with thorny bushes that will hurt without skin cover.

The last three miles were also much muddier. Reaching the Visitor Center was a great relief, and in the end the trail ended up being easier than we expected.

I recommend this to anyone before they attempt the longer trail north of the Oasis Visitor Center.