Move the whole top portion of the trail in red to the upper dotted line and there you have the Bear Creek loop. It's actually 3 miles and an easy 45-60 minutes...Depending on the number of times you are trapped by awful spiders. This trail was interesting, but they were out of control. YUUUUGE spiders centered on their webs over and over and over along the the first half mile, I was running waving a giant stick in front of myself...Even as I type this, I am plucking horrid yellowish webs and spider parts from my hat and shoulders. Maybe that's part and parcel of panhandle Florida...I don't know.

More elevation change than I expected from Florida, so that was a nice workout, but on the whole...spiders made it gross. Also. It's a fee area (two bucks as of today) so out of towners beware.

Something to do on a work trip, but I'll be looking for something else tomorrow.

There was pretty scenery and you could even see a small creek at the bottom. Beware of spiders though. All around a good hike.

A short, well-maintained and interesting trail. However, I would not rate it as easy. Some parts are quite steep. But a nice easy drive from the Tallahassee area.

Beautiful!! You can tell the rangers put a lot of effort into maintaining and improving this trail. The scant elevation was a welcomed surprise for Florida hiking.

Great training trail if your going mountain hiking. make sure you push the first button on the educational trail and listen to Buddy Gunn.

Great trail. There are some pretty steep inclines and declines along the trail which makes it a lot better than the normal flat trails you see in Florida.