1 month ago

Definitely a nice little hike. For Florida, I would consider this a moderate-hard hike, depending on your physical abilities.

The elevation changes will be welcomed by anyone that enjoys hiking the foothills of the Appalachian Trail. Some elevation changes are much steeper than those seen on the Torreya Trails.
Due to traffic and washout, one area has become a relatively steep drop-off, of approximately 2 feet, but most areas have steps or roots, to aid in footing.

Many areas through the open fields are very sandy, making the hike a little more strenuous, combined with the elevation changes that come along in the wooded areas.

One stream with clear, but lightly tannic water can be accessed easily for those looking to filter water. The Conservatory has also placed a water fountain at the beginning of the trail.

My only dislike was the lack of maintenance on the one stair case. Some steps have fallen a little, making footing a little unstable, if you're not paying close attention. Otherwise, the trail makes for a nice in and out hike.