Enjoy the blue-green Gulf waters that lap gently along the sandy beaches of the four islands that make up Anclote Key Preserve State Park - Anclote Key, North Anclote Bar, South Anclote Bar and Three Rooker Island. Located three miles off the coast of Tarpon Springs, Anclote Key Preserve State Park is accessible only by private boat or ferry service. The 403-acre park is home to at least 43 species of birds, including the American oystercatcher, bald eagle and piping plover. A picturesque 1887 lighthouse stands as a sentinel on the southern end of the island. Visitors can swim and sunbathe at the beach, fire up a grill and enjoy a picnic, or pitch a tent and enjoy a night of primitive camping under the stars. There are no provisions offered on the island, so be prepared to bring your own water and supplies. Ferry service to the island is offered by Sun Line Cruises (727) 944-4468 and Sponge-O-Rama (727) 943-2164. These ferries both leave from Tarpon Springs' historic Sponge Docks. Ferry services do not drop visitors off for overnight camping. You must have your own transportation to stay overnight. Dogs are only allowed on North Anclote Bar.

22 days ago

7 months ago

small little nature trail not even a mile but nice views over tarpon lake and a quick easy walk.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

It's not much of a hike. It's more just a path around the picnic areas.

on Anderson Park Trail

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I was here about a month ago, with my boyfriend. Due to the Florida heat, and the fact that he is not as good a shape as I am, we merely wandered around the trail. I found it pleasant and would like to return.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have walked here about twice a month for the last 7 years: normally with my dog.
It is a nice easy walk, with views of Lake Tarpon and a good place to see a variety of different birds and you can always see several alligators. There are several boardwalks taking you through the swampy areas.