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Some of the most challenging off-road bicycling trails in Florida can be found at Alafia River State Park. Located on what was once a phosphate mining site, the unique topography of the reclaimed land offers some of Florida's most radical elevation changes. Alafia State Park is home to 17 miles of bike trails, ranging from beginner to advanced. Alafia also offers equestrians and hikers the opportunity to explore mixed hardwood forests, pine flatwoods and rolling hills with 20 miles of hiking and horse trails. The abundance of wildlife found along Alafia's trails will delight any bird-watcher or nature enthusiast. The south prong of the Alafia River and lakes scattered throughout the park provide ample opportunities for canoeing and fishing. The 6,260 acre park also offers picnic pavilions, a playground, horseshoe pit and volleyball court. For overnight stays, the park has a full-facility campground for both primitive and RV camping, as well as equestrian friendly campsites.

Super fun all the ups and downs connect well. Not super technical even for a beginner...just go a bit slow and conquer Rollercoaster.

It was a great trail very well maintained I loved all the little bridges. Would definitely recommend this trail. It’s a little advanced but whole lot of fun.

If you're going for a ride, this place is ideal. Unfortunately for us hikers they didn't leave a lot for us. There is only one hiker only trail I found, and to their credit it was a great little trail. About as challenging a hike as you can find in the very flat state of Florida. Also a ton of off shoots with nice little prizes. The problem was that trail was short. I completed it in about a half an hour. Every other trail available to me was a horse trail. Most of it was not under the canopy, rather wide, with no challenge or view. Every time I saw a trail I wanted to walk, it was bikes only. After walking on a trail that ran under power lines for a couple miles, I turned back and went home. Wanted to like this park, but it felt like hiking was an afterthought for them.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Good place to ride mountain bikes! brought my son for his first bike ride.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Well marked and maintained trails. Multiple trails to choose from based on your experience. The green trails are easy enough for any beginner, and the blue and black trails are fun and challenging.


mountain biking
4 months ago

Surprised to find this little gem in Florida. Can be technical at times. Loved the rides.

5 months ago

It was fun...until we got lost. The maps aren’t worth a crap and somehow we ended up on the horse trail. Plenty of bugs to go around. I was miserable by the time we got back but BOY did we get a work out. Very adventurous and a good place to unwind in nature if you’re good at navigating with crappy maps.

Awesome trails!!!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Best mountain biking you can find in FL. Variety of single tracks for any skill levels all the way to double Black trails.

Awesome trails! Just gotta make sure e you stay on trail. Watch for the colored tees to make sure you’re on trail and you’ll be fine!!! One of my favs for sure!

mountain biking
7 months ago

My favorite mtn bike trail around, especially because you can find yourself doing a series of trails, and choose to either start and finish each at the trailhead, or do one loooong trail hike.

I like the trailhead w new restrooms, covered picnic tables and bike wash. This allows me to take a break and relax a bit before tackling the next trail.

trail designed w every mtn biker out there in mind.

You will find everything here. I usually start my ride here to get the blood flowing.

mountain biking
7 months ago

This is a mtn hiking trail for sure.

The first portion is a set of twists and turns on the flat and sandy trail. Then, as you enter the forest, it’s all up and down, as the name implies.

There’s a couple of trails branching off of rollercoaster that are more technical but basically steep climbs w little or no room for footing. Make it or fall!

I love the Snake Drop with its 3 levels landing options. Then it’s off to more twisty trails before you get back to the trailhead.

mountain biking
7 months ago

First half is relatively easy w some roots and a few 9-15 inch drops. Connects to Shelly’s loop, a single black diamond which I also recommend after you’ve gained experience.
Trail end meets the multipurpose but in about 100 ft gets back to being a trail. This second half is more technical w climbs, drops, and a series of technical drops that seems to be about 8 ft tall.

A nice challenge.

Obviously a copy/paste description error. Only accurate statement is that this trail is inside the Alafia River State Park. Excellent trail for advanced riders. MTB purpose built single track.

The trails do not match the map. Definitely got turned around more than once. Overall fun day but very confusing in terms of finding where you are on the map.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Easy loop with varied terrain, plenty of scenery.

How is this an easy, it’s the hardest double black diamond in the park

8 months ago

Call or visit the website for the hours. It’s summer and they’re open till 730. Which is nice. They’re actually no bugs right now. I did the phosphate mine trail twice and it is steep. Keep a lookout on the red signs on the trees. I took a couple wrong turns but got back on the path. The River Loop, Trail was interesting but I never could stay on the red trail at one point I was on the bike trail I’m pretty sure. It was interesting there is over a dozen car is in the parking lot. But I never saw anyone on the trail except for one other person and that was another walker with the dog I wonder where they all were On the phosphate mine trail you’ll really enjoy all of the Firemans or simply marvelous.

Alafia River State Park is absolutely beautiful. the Old Agrico hiking trail is exactly the type of trail I've been looking for in Florida, there's a lot of hills due it's history of being an old phosphate mine. The only thing I'd advise, is if you're there only to hike, ask for a map of the bike trails also. The trails for the bikers aren't labeled that well, and if you find yourself lost in a slew of them, your hiking trail map isn't going to help you much. Very wonderful park. I'll definitely be back soon.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Love this bike trail!!! Campground was nice and clean.

Awesome trails!!! Loved it!!!

Been riding out here for about three years now, whenever possible with a horseback trail riding group. Very good trails and the remnant of old spoil mounds and mined out areas has created some nice gently rolling hills which makes riding even more interesting. Of course this park has its share of exotic vegetation which needs to be removed if possible or at least kept in check. But overall a fine bunch of trails. Lots of open stretches so be prepared if riding in the summer. And always be alert for mountain bikers out here on separate but intersecting trails.

Beautiful hike but too many mountain bikes.

10 months ago

Not for hiking but cool hike. Just mountain biking

Better for mountain biking

Definitely not a hiking trail better for mountain biking.

Pretty hike, but so confusing. The big loop trail does not exist. It’s a combination of several marked trails in the park, but doesn’t follow them accurately. Sometimes it goes off, reverses, loops. If you want to spend the day staring at your phone, wondering where you are, this is the place.

Nice trails but you share most of them with bikes. Some trails are only for bikes. Many small trails crossed each other. Never sure where you are on the map.
Would return if we get a chance

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