It was a nice day for a hike. We were in a hurry to get North so we did not do all the trails.

Another nice wildlife refuge. There are a lot more than 1.6 miles of trails here.

6 years ago

There are multiple trails at Prime Hook: The Blue Goose Trail (1/2 of this winds through the woods, the other 1/2 winds thru the bogs on an elevated dike from the 1930s) which is a connector trail; the Boardwalk Trail (1/2 mile loop thru the freshwater marsh); The Dike Trail (1 mile out and back trail to an observation area on the creek); the Black Farm Trail (a wide, wooded trail thru the forest); the Pine Grove Trail (.8 mile loop thru a hardwood forest near the pond). There are also canoe trails through Prime Hook Creek, deer stands and duck blinds; as well as a photography blind on a .3 mile trail off of the Black Farm Trail.

There are a wide variety of water fowl who visit or nest year-round at Prime Hook, including: Great Blue Heron (I saw an incredibly magestic mating pair of these twice during my visit, today), Wood Ducks, Canada and Snow Geese, Eagles, Hawks, and many more. There was also deer scat (I didn't see any deer, though) along the trail.

The Blue Goose Trail had much bramble and roots and required attention to be paid to foot placement. The other trails were relatively flat and smooth. They were all easy to follow.