Six Miles of Ocean and Bay Shoreline Water, water everywhere describes Delaware Seashore State Park. Bounded on the east by the mighty Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay, the 2825-acre park is a beach-goer's delight. Throughout history, the forces of wind and water have kept this barrier island largely inaccessible, due to the frequent natural changes of the inlet channel between the bays and the sea. Transportation along this narrow stretch of land was difficult until the Federal government completed construction of two large steel and stone jetties in 1939, stabilizing the Indian River Inlet. The State Park Commission (now the Division of Parks and Recreation) began operating Delaware Seashore State Park in 1965. Today, the park is a major attraction for millions of visitors who enjoy the large variety of water-related activities available along Delaware's coast.

APPLY INSPECT REPELLENT! It is a nice short hike through marsh, pines, sand. You start out and it's nice, about 1/3 of the way around things turned into a slight nightmare. The trail was very overgrown in spots, tall (6'+-) grass that you had to push your way through while being swarmed with gaint mosquitos and biting flies. Had a few bite marks, then more and more surfaced. Small welts 75+ from my arm pits down, I am covered in chigger bites. Luckily no ticks.

beautiful trail .....but be sure to listen to the tick warnings....I didn't thinking it would be ok even if I stayed on the trail....I was wrong one point stopped to check out the osprey nest and had ticks swarming my feet....picked about 20 to 30 ticks off me and my gf before we left the area....the. picked about 5 off we missed . if you wear tick repellent spray you will be fine

I was really a little disappointed, but I chose a freezing cold, windy day to go. The other issue is that the trail is only open on Sundays (when hunters are not allowed on the island) which makes planning a trip difficult.