Spend a summer day cooling off in the mist of the waterfall or an autumn day hiking or biking the varied trails of the park.

Fun hike with great views

1 month ago

I took the side trails and saw four sets of waterfalls! Great hike, not too rigorous. I then went to a vineyard near by which was awesome.

Great when it's quiet- falls are crowded on hot days

Very nice views from the top, a few short scrambles, quite a few spots where the trail is 1-2 ft from sheer drop so caution etc

Great hike in the woods to the falls!!

definitely good for a view. alot of vertical climbing and rocks to make your way through. didn't find any landmarks. I like to hike to a location, and explore old historical places if the hike allows. Was proud to summit after the effort though!

4 months ago

A decent workout. A little bit of scrambling from time to time. The effort is well worth it, with some amazing panoramic views at the top of the mountain about three-quarters of a mile into the trail.

Very fun. loved everything about it. many trails and great falls

Been hiking this trail for years it's a good one with great views and a nice moderate trail