The beautifully appointed Heublein family dining room awaits hikers at the top of the mountain in the Heublein tower.

Nice hike. Great view. A little rocky. Ran into a bear! Lol

A short trail but worth it. Amazing views along the cliff and the tower at the end. Worth it to go when the tower is open and you can go up to the top and get some amazing views. Underline amazing.

very nice hike,great views, a lot of history, took the blue tail back, definitely recommend ed

great hike with beautiful views

2 months ago

Beautiful place. I took a left on to a single track trail after a few hundred feet of gravel trail. It paralleled the highlighted rout above and let to the same tower lookout. Then continued on the m&m trail to Hartford rez no 6 for a swim!

Short, fun hike up the mountain to the very scenic Heublein Tower. Definitely go early to avoid crowds and leave some time to explore the Heublein Tower complex.

Beautiful place. First quarter of a mile gets your heart pumping. The rest is a lovely stroll through the woods. Views are wonderful.

Nice short hike. Lots of greens and nice views from the top. Perfect for a family with a picnic (picnic tables at the top) or for a runner looking for some elevation.

Definitely an amazing hike. If you’re new to trails the first .25 miles is a bit much because it’s steep but it’s really beautiful. Seeing the hueblin tower at the end is a perfect edition to the trail.

trail running
5 months ago

one of my favorite trail running loops. there's a small trail head up at the top of the drive way that makes the hike in a little more difficult but the views are better. there's a cliff side trail with good views and there are also some fire roads that run below the observation tower.
on nice weekend days expect heavy traffic.

Really nice wide trails and some smaller trails branching out. Expect it to be super busy on nice days and fairly limited parking. First bit of the main trail is very steep. Great spot for social dogs

Bummed it was too slushy/ snowy to do the walk in sneakers today. Will have to go back with boots or wait for warmer weather

Nice short hike for a Sunday afternoon. the views from the tower are great and there are some great outlooks along the way

I went a couple days after a significant rain event, and the trail wasn't that fun. it was basically walking uphill in a swampy stream. There are small rocks throughout the trail that make it very easy to twist an ankle. Definitely recommend proper foot wear.

The tower at the top is very nice, but I probably wouldn't do this particular hike again.

Love the view. Clean air. No insects bugs or sight of animals or even snakes. Neutral for all. My favorite all time place.

beautiful views and awesome hike

Great place to hike year round. Views are some of Connecticut’s best. Heublein tower is always fun. Connects to Metacomet trail when u want to extend the trek. Always a family favorite.

10 months ago

Easy hike and good views. It's a bit crowded though. There are lots of families and people of all ages on the trail. There is a picnic spot near the tower.

10 months ago

Awesome views

11 months ago

Hiked with my nearly 3 year old on my back. Very fun, relaxing and gorgeous views.

great hike with amazing views!

Absolutely beautiful scene once you hike to the very top. Breathtaking view once the leaves start turning color. Easy hike for all levels.
Many events scheduled throughout the Season.

Hiking, amazing views

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Short, fairly easy hike with huge rewards. Excellent views all along the ridge line. Views from tower are spectacular.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I found a nice spot to meditate overlooking the town

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Nice views on a relatively easy hike (minus the first 5 minutes of walking straight up hill).

Monday, September 04, 2017

Extremely popular on Labor Day, trails were filled. Nice view for little climb. No water fountain at tower!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Great hike, an easy up and down with great views

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