The beautifully appointed Heublein family dining room awaits hikers at the top of the mountain in the Heublein tower.

Nice- pretty busy in warm weather w families, dogs etc

3 months ago

Beautiful sunset and view of the valley!

If your using a gps type in Heublein Tower as if you type in Talcott mountain trail, the gps takes you to a private neighborhood at the base of the mt. The houses are super nice but it's most likely NOT what your looking for.
This is a great very wide trail. At first it's steep but it levels off rather quickly. The trail is mainly gravel and rocks, a great place to walk a dog. Somewhat of a down side is how busy the trail was; we must have seen 100 people going up and down. Most folks had a dog or several dogs with them all we're on a leach if your afraid or don't like dogs. The summit has great views and there are a few spots before the summit with even better views of he surrounding valley and farm lands. At the base of the mountain is the CT State Police firearms range so gun fire could be heard very well while hiking. All in all a great hike that I would consider doing again!

4 months ago

4 months ago

Beautiful trail great views.