Activities: Hiking

Nice little hike. Views are great and scenery is wonderful, fairly rocky. Hiked the south end of the Metacomet trail and some goes off park property. Loop around lake is really nice, lots of roots and not very rocky.

I'm an experienced hiker and nothing was difficult about the trails. Saw a few mountain bikers and it was bow season as well. Trails are well marked until you find yourself off park property and then there are small orange tags on trees that alert you.

Overall would recommend exploring these trails, you won't be disappointed.

Very nice hike, need to try it again so we don't get caught coming out of the woods in the dark

I loved every second of it! It wasn't "hard" but I only did the red trail.... I'm definitely going again. I can't wait

I would rate this easy to moderate definitely not hard. nice scenery but last part is on road which I wasn't crazy about

10 months ago

Love this trail and the view

Overall, the hike was amazing. However, there were a few minor inconvieneces. Firstly the park was farther down the road than the GPS said it was, I just had to drive further down the road to the end. The map showed all the trails, but it was small and hard to see. Despite this, when I got on the trail the paths were easy to follow and see. There were rocks and a few cliffs, and at the top of the peak there was a stunning view of Cresent Lake.

1 year ago

One of the more enjoyable hikes from start to finish. It starts near the parking lot and ends on the opposite side of the reservoir. Starts off by walking along the reservoir and then (after guessing the correct direction) it brings you up a long, rocky incline (good challenge). Once you hit the top, you traverse across boulders and little areas to sit and climb onto before hitting the peak. Beautiful view - then it descends into the woods again and takes you around the reservoir slowly but surely. Without realizing it, you come out of the woods with the dam and parking lot straight ahead of you. Good for kids and dogs I'm sure.

2 years ago

Started at Ledge Road trailhead. Followed blue/red blazed trail to where it meets the Metacomet Trail then turned back due to lack of daylight. Definitely muddy and buggy. Recommend long pants due to long grasses near trailhead. Plenty of rocks for bouldering. There was one really nice vista along the way. Lightly traveled at best and easy to lose the trail in spots, but relatively well marked so watch the blazes.

There are a few trails I completed when hiking here. There are a few nice areas to take pictures but it's very muddy with lots of snakes to be prepared. Other then that I loved the hike there!!!