Squantz Pond offers four season enjoyment with steep, wooded slopes, a cool, blue pond and colorful foliage to delight visitors throughout the year.

24 days ago

The main trail appears to be a fire road (?) that climbs/traverse the ridge on the W. side of Squantz Pond. Its smooth going for the most part with a few sustained climbs.descents that must contribute to the "hard" difficulty rating. There are some interesting large boulder formations and rock faces along the trail and a great view of the pond from the meadow at the South end. I enjoyed it on a nice day.

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My favorite spot

6 months ago

This was a hard hike due to the recent 20" snowfall so thank goodness for snowmobiles as they packed the snow down enough to make hiking possible. We didn't see another sole on the woods except for two snowmobiles on the way back. This would have been a great time to snowshoe through here. Was a gorgeous winter hike and pretty good exercise.

7 months ago

8 months ago

I hiked it earlier today, 1/22/17. First time there and really enjoyed it. It was a nice little challenging loop up the hill. And then I really like the little loop down along the shore. And all the rock formations are sweet. And the Brooks are flowing nice and strong so I had the noise from the water rushing. All in all very nice day. Oh, I also saw a bunch of Redtail Hawks and two bald eagles. I'll be back when I gets warmer to drop my canoe in the water.

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11 months ago

Awesome, challenging, and few people (depending on where you go). I typically head to the east side of the pond, and then head north on the trail that follows right along the water--seems to be used by fishermen. The trail itself is not extremely challenging, but if you head farther east and up the mountain it gets STEEP!

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Loved it

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