Could Captain Kidd really have buried his treasure on Charles Island in 1699? Visit Silver Sands for a fun-filled day in the sun and make up your own mind about this legend.

6 days ago

I love to go here for a walk or a run after work and it has beautiful views of the ocean! Go early in the morning if possible to avoid the crowds, especially if you plan on running or walking at a quicker pace.

Great view of the island and beach.

It’s more like a walk than a hike but it’s the ocean so you have to enjoy it. I went on a Saturday afternoon. Next time I will go at the crack of dawn to avoid the masses. Short, enjoyable, and relaxing experience.

This is mostly a boardwalk trail. nice views. lots of neat birds and sea shells

Nice trails for all ages and fitness levels. It’s a boardwalk along the beach. Sandy, open atmosphere. I would consider this moderate to heavy traffic. Seems like it is a popular place to talk a walk.

one of my favorite parks along New England waterways. It's a great place for people of all skill levels older people kids. you can bring out Pets but you got to keep them on a leash. there's also great places for photos during sunrise and sunset.

8 months ago

Wow, this hike was absolutely beautiful and amazing!!!! what an awesome place to enjoy an island, sand, shells, nature, pigeons, Sea gulls and other creatures, the ocean and an absolutely magical ocean boardwalk. Only down fall is your timing has to be perfect in order to walk across the ocean to Charles island and back before the tide comes in again Only thing I can say is can't wait to go back!

Nice views & cool sandbar. Just be careful because when the tide comes in it comes in quick.

My happy place

Easy to do with awesome coastal views. Keep an eye out for rock art off on each side! Some creative juices flowing by the people who make them!

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Saturday, September 05, 2015