First time here! Very nice walk. Could be a little better marked as we got turned around a bit.

Enjoyable time

Absolutely beautiful even on a cloudy day

it's a shame that people had to ruin this hiking trail for others. I got a ticket because I didn't think it was a big deal to park there for a small hike after work but now I understand. People are idiots and ruin the nice things we have left in this world. please if you go here be respectful. but also just a warning YOU WILL GET A TICKET IF YOU ARE HERE PAST 5. Beautiful place, great hike, map is a bit confusing but other than that this place just needs a better place to park.

10 months ago

was able to get a spot in the parking lot. views of the ocean were beautiful and the park was very nice but when I got back to my car I had a parking ticket. no clue why!

Unfortunately there is only parking for 6 cars so couldn't get in. Alternatively we drove down to Short Beach and hiked passed this trail on the beach - amazing views.

1 year ago

Great place for hiking

Very Nice Park. Good Location And Enjoyfull Beach

Beautiful, simple park. Fantastic views of the sound. Beginner trail. Parking is an issue with only 6 spots and enforcement of no parking of street.