Photos of Shoddy Mill-Coon Hollow Trails

Sat Aug 03 2013

I hike this trail several times a week and it is a great, easy hiking spot to access by foot if u live nearby. U can access it either througj Minnichauf Swim club (on Manchester rd) or on Shoddy Mill Rd (off Manchester rd). The trail is pretty much a loop with a couple side trails. Trails are loose gravel and pine covered, some areas are wide while others more narrow. During summer it can get overgrown and so trail narrows a bit more. Nice trails though and never anyone there! Great because it feels secluded even though u are surrounded by houses! There is a stream that can get flowing pretty quickly when there has been a lot of rain, pools in areas for dogs to swim. A couple steeper hills bit nothing out of the ordinary. U can also access the other side by walking out of the trail on Shoddy Mill and turning left. Walk up about 200 feet and u will see another trail off to the left. Follow that, again a big loop but u will come to a great rockledge perfect for climbing, swimming in the stream pools. I always bring my dogs and they love to run off leash and swim!

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