Come see the many different habitats and excellent overlooks on the trails at Seth Low Pierrepont State Park Reserve.

Easy walk with some moderate parts. Every enjoyable.

Nice walk! Look for the heart tree ... you'll know which one it is when you see it!

4 months ago

I would say this is a moderate trail, fairly easy in the beginning with pretty flat and there is one to two steep parts. A nice hike. Trails are pretty well defined in that you see the trail, but not well marked in which directions to go. Without a map, it is easy to go on the wrong trail. Had to go back a few times to make sure I was going on the right trail. So check the map often if you want to stay on this trail.

very horrible markings.

It's a nice park. We hiked up to the viewpoint. It wasn't too difficult. I would say it's more easy than moderate. I wasn't expecting to have to walk behind so many properties though.

I would not say it deserves a rating of difficult at all. However it is a great family hike the everyone could enjoy. It starts off walking down next to a lake and into the woods, the continues inward until you reach a large hill/cliff side. You will hike up the right of it and find yourself at the top of the mountain. The views are good not great, for the work you put in the view is worth it. Large sitting area on a flat rock at the top to sit and maybe eat. I’ve done the hike about 10 times and it’s still “fun” even now.

Great Sunday hike. I would not rate it difficult. Starts out as a beautiful walk around the lake, then you have a fast incline. My GPS showed only a 366 ft. Elevation gain. Watch the trail markers carefully. We did white to white/orange to blue to yellow and then to white. A little treck throng marsh land to meet back up with the white trail! Have fun... BTW.. we ended up at 4.16 miles. We lost the trail for a very short time, but the loop is longer than 3 miles.

I'm not really a runner but I like to run when I can't get any other workout in. I've been wanting to hit this trail for awhile and it was a perfect challenge. Three miles with a really good climb that I had to walk up in a few spots. It can be a goal to run the whole thing! Thankfully, I had this app to keep me on course as the trail markings are light in spots so I questioned my decisions at times.

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