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The first part of Falls Trail that goes beside the stream is very rocky, wet and slippery, with moss covered stones on a fairly steep slope down to the stream. Once past the falls, the trail becomes easier. I continued on to Hardwood Trail, which was wet in several places and hard to follow. The GPS tracker on the app really helped to keep me going in the right direction. All in all, a moderately difficult hike that was a good morning’s activity.

Nice quiet trail, the trail and white blazes weren’t the easiest to follow at times but it wasn’t bad. Neat little falls and water along the way but the trail tightens up and gets rocky at that point. All in all worth the hike.

Meadow with flowers followed by the quaint falls makes a nice little hike. Beautiful July morning to be outside.

Enjoyed this nice little hike...great place for an avid birder like myself. Loved the wildflower meadow..it was teeming with butterflies. Falls were running well after a night of thunderstorms.

The portion next to the river is overgrown, lots of rocks and roots. You are def scrambling a bit. Very narrow at points so you are wading through ferns and bushes and there’s a lot of poison ivy. That being said we will likely return. Just be aware of conditions.

A little buggy, but a beautiful waterfall.

Good for dogs, more trails than shown on map, moderate climb, a little tougher if you go along the falls.

6 months ago

Very quiet trail in mid January. Delightful ice figures along the frozen Aspetuck and it's small tributaries. Seems almost magical in places. We hiked from the Saugatuck junction north to Huntington State Park, then across the park to the northern parking lot where we left a car. Our GPS showed a total of 8.4 miles and just over a thousand feet of vertical gain. Most of the hiking was easy with some slightly steeper climbs at the end. We head a little confusion crossing roads when continuing trail markers were not visible from the road.

Worth every step.

The Falls Trail is more than moderate, especially if you’re walking with children. Erosion has brought the trail very close to the river over unsteady rocks and exposed tree roots.

Hardwood is a great trail. Rocky and lots of climbing so I would rate it higher than moderate. Looked like it hadn't been worked on for a while - a bunch of downed trees over the trail and overgrown near the river.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Relatively moderate trail, the weather was perfect for January, but it had rained the night before, so some parts took a little bit to maneuver (which I always enjoy a bit of climbing around). The gps on the app was super helpful in not going off the trail!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Been coming in November and December and I rarely see more than one other hiker. Great place to let the dog roam off leash during the slow winter months. First time through the trail can be hard to follow in spots but the app's GPS never fails to put me back on track and even help to blaze a new trail.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12/27/16. 50 degrees, what? A bit icy by the river. Great hike. Stopped by the Roadhouse after for a drink. Life is good. Cheers

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Great afternoon hike with the family. Made a few wrong turns but the good old gps map got us back on track. We will be back

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beautiful trail system, includes river views, open spaces along power line with wild flowers and butterflies in addition to wood trails. Great for hiking and trail running.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Great trail anytime of the year. not too intense but part of the trail leading to the powerlines has a very steep incline which can be a challenge for some hikers. has a nice little cliff you can jump off that i have heard named chicken rock and a few other names but is only a 10 foot jump or so. be sure to always check the water first, the heavier rains can sometimes bring in large tree branches which get stuck in front of the rock. it is also illegal to jump or swim anywhere in the reservoir so always keep a keen eye out for police officers who love to throw tickets at anyone in the water.

Go in the spring when the water is rushing! Great falls.

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