The large stone pavilion, diverse trail systems, and gently sloping beach make this park ideal for families. Try crabbing or fishing. Look for hawks, cranes, and herons. Rocky Neck provides something for all members of the family.

Really nice views of the river and water. From the trail head by Divine Wines, keep heading right on the trails so you can hug the river. There are a few unmarked trails that veer off of the trail that runs parallel that never stray far from the main trail, and they are well-traveled, providing very nice views. Take a detour from the loop in the fall and walk along the beach boardwalk (to get back to the loop, head straight through the parking lot when you go under the wooden walking bridge under the stone bridge, stay to the right of the lot to hook up with the trail through a marsh (beautiful, entrance can be found near picnic tables). Alternatively, go straight to the paved road at the far end of the lot and take a right, which will bring you back to the loop.

8 months ago

The trailhead is actually across the street from Divine Wine and Camp Niantic. Easy walking, pretty views. Must be spectacular in the winter after all the leaves are down. As a lifelong Point O' Woods vacationer I just wanted to find what is on the other side of the Four Mile River cove. I found it! I never realized Rocky Neck was so close. The Pavilion is beautiful, like a Gillettes Castle. Would like to explore that. Downside was the horseflies, they were vicious.

its great for nature watching but not very challenging as a hiker

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Not at all a "moderate" hike - it's easy peasy. It's good if you like bird watching, but as a hike it's a little dull (and short, if you do the 2.3 mile hike on the map here).

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have been living in the area for about a year now and finally was able to go out and hike through Rocky Neck State Park. Great all around hike with trails running through the woods, over train tracks and along the ocean. Just remember the closer you get towards the ocean the wind will really pick up and bring a chill. If you ever find a hula hoop floating near the shore, most likely belongs to my friend Katie. She had it roll into the ocean but it was a beautiful moment of letting go of things we cannot control. Got a little 10 minute jog in at the end as well on the cement loop. Great place for a run with peaceful, scenic views.

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