Not a very hard hike but an awesome way to spend an hour or two on a nice day. If your goal is to get the best view you'll want to take the red trail which will lead you to overlook the water.

Absolutely breathtaking views and a killer workout. I will definitely do this hike again.

26 days ago

Great hike with the dogs! Was a little challenging for the toy poodle at some points but at least we can carry him when needed.

You want to follow the blue with red dot trail markers (the ones on the left past the first few you see on the right) until you reach the summit and then it just turns into blue. Lots of side trails so it is easy to lose track of your route. But some side trails were a lot of fun to scramble down then back up anyway. Overall amazing hike.

Great views, some portions of the blue trail are not well marked. Also the yellow trail is poorly marked. The hike is not difficult but has some rocky inclines that can be hard for new hikers.