One of the best trails in CT in my opinion. I start at the large parking lot by the river and shoot up through the woods to the nature center. Then it's up ~2.5 miles on the blue trail with steady ascents and descents until the Falls Cutoff trail. Once you pass this it gets steeper and rockier as you approach the first viewpoint. It's easy to forget you're in CT with the sweeping view of rolling hills. Continue onward to another good lookout and through two huge boulders which a hiker I met on the trail called God's Dice. After the lookouts it's mostly gradual downhill or level trail. Be sure to bring a map and sync with the All Trails map if possible, as it can be difficult to continue the right way at the junction with blue/orange (I think) near a bridge in the last third of the hike.

Great trail- cool views at the top. saw coyotes and a porcupine when I went a few days ago!

Incredibly well marked, and easy to follow. There were a couple steep parts, but the views from both outlooks were 100% worth it.

This is quite the climb!

I hiled thus loop with AMC this week and really enjoyed it. The soft pine needle covered trails were much nicer than anything I could find near my home town of Southington. Check out my video recap on my LightWalker Channel.

love this park ! A beautiful forests and great trails.