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14 days ago

Was ok, lots of uphill to start, first overlook is shrouded by trees. 2nd is very nice. Might as well just skip the loop and walk back down the trail, half the “hike” is on maintained gravel roads.

18 days ago

The area is beautiful but be aware of ticks. I ended up pulling 17 off my dog when we got home.

27 days ago

Nice hike with a beautiful view from the top! Lots of trails in the area to extend the hike.

1 month ago

To explore this trail or anything in Pachaug Forest, the Connecticut Walk Book or Connecticut Forest & Park interactive maps are great planning resources. https://www.ctwoodlands.org/blue-blazed-hiking-trails/blue-blazed-hiking-trails-interactive-map. And at the Pachaug Forest HQ off Rte 49, there is a map board with a supply of free trail maps for the north and south sections of the forest.

Did this hike today on a 55 degree sunny day and was great hike for Rhodie. Hike around the pond is recommended. Got off track a few times so glad I had the all trails app that showed me where I was on the loop

Kids and I enjoyed this hike.

2 months ago

Gorgeous 5.1 mile lollipop style hike. Spacious dirt road mixed with narrow and rocky trails around the pond. Plenty of sunshine and trees. Water was sparkling. Weather was absolutely perfect today, 3/31/18. When all the leaves fill in it will be even more stunning.

Did this hike today in a cold day with some snow on the ground. Really lovely walk. The path is sometimes not easy to follow and requires some scrambling over rocks, but it is a great walk, well worth the effort. Definitely 5*!

My favorite trail, I’ve seen maybe three people ever in the dozens of times I’ve been hiking here. Trail is easy to follow, brings you through streams and different terrain. Gated off in the winter.

good workout

Really beautiful trail. We lost the markers in a few spots but that was probably just us not paying attention. Would definitely do it again!

took my dogs here this morning and loved it!! nice incline on the way up and smooth sailing on the way back. there’s nothing better than being up in the mountains and the view is beautiful. didn’t even come across a single soul on our walk.

8 months ago

Had a great hike around the pond on a beautiful foliage day!! Our older legs got a good workout on the up and down parts, but there are plenty of smoother parts too. Was lovely to always have the sparkling pond in view. Pond was rather low, so the falls were not heavy, so we’ll have to return in the spring. A+++++

8 months ago

Great view during fall and lovely sunset!

Great hike on this trail! The trailhead on Green Fall Road (a dirt road) wasn't marked well. There's a bit of a pull-off area for parking (3-4 cars max) with the state stone marker (seen in other hikers pics) across the road. Hiking in the early morning (7:30a) made for some slippery spots. We lost the light blue blazes a few times, but thanks to iPhone GPS found the trail again quickly. A great way to start the day!

Absolutely amazing hike! It will take longer than you think, because of the moderate terrain, but the scenery makes it totally worth it. One of my favorite hiking trails in RI.

Views aren't great and the trail really needs work. Lots of overgrowth

a lot of cool sights! definitely slipped a few times; requires a steady foot and good shoes!

9 months ago

A decent hike for the first half (starting @ the smokey the bear sign) but it was an uninspiring dirt road for the 2nd half. Overlook was so-so. It seemed more "easy" than moderate.

Theres a few parts that were absolutely amazing but pretty difficult. Worth it. Was gorgeous

Beautiful hike on a gorgeous day!

Beautiful trail. I hiked it with 3 kids under 5. I would recommend it for kids 5 and older. There is a nice swimming area. The trail features a lot of climbing... there is a small stream you have to jump over on the rocks. It was not easy with the little ones but we did it!!!! And they loved the waterfall, butterflies. We did run into a huge eastern hognose snake. They are harmless but definitely rattled me. Enjoy it!

One of the more beautiful Hikes in Rhode Island. Beautiful gorge, waterfalls, and in June, Laurel. A word about Difficulty. I went after a heavy rain (still drizzling) and parts were potentially treacherous, with the wet rocks, roots and moss. Fording creeks were a challenge because stepping rocks were under water. One rock had to be scaled with a rope. So, Intermediate is probably right, but very different when wet.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Nice trail not too challenging and a great view at the top

Monday, June 12, 2017

It was wonderful. We had a blast. But we park in the back of the mountain came out in front of the mountain. Couldn't find car. Some nice people give us a ride back to our car. Thank goodness it would of been a long walk back.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Relatively easy hike around the pond. The whole trail is well marked. There is some scrambling over rocks and tree roots, but still pretty easy. We made the hike longer by heading down part of the Narragansett Trail all the way to Dinosaur Caves. It was really pretty and quiet.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Did this first thing in morning in was great there is defiantly some tricky sections and slippery in spots from rain. Can't wait to go back there. We also took our dog had to help her up a couple of the rocks but she had a blast!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cool secluded spot but definitely creepy bc you are out in middle of no where

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Beautiful morning for a hike.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nice hike. Pretty decent incline at beginning of hike, but nice views at the top

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