Activities: Hiking, Letterboxing, Hunting

Nice winter hike to see the frozen water

Easy hike, good loop for a run.

Great trail! Friendly people and dogs :) Just watch out for the bees around the beaver damn lookout-point! - walked on 9/16/18

2 months ago

we went on the blue trail for a mile in. decent workout with rocky/gravely terrain. but next to a shooting range. no scenic overlooks.

Great trail, has small side trails to go check things out. Can cut through to make the trail your on not as long. Some great views of marshlands. Can be buggy if you go in the morning so bring bug spray! Definitely gonna go again soon, see you there!

Took the Beaver Pond Trail. Great educational hike for the kids. Then stop off at the main building and look at the exhibits inside,

Great for a hike, walk, or run. Trails are designed for hiking, walking, or running depending on where you go. Great for Nature walks with small children. Would recommend this to others!

great everyday hiking/walking trails. if you go to the trails on the right huge fern field in the woods

This place is great. Initially I had a challenging time figuring out the entrance and came across a ton of bear traps... but then I found my way. Loved the little offshoots to include the boardwalk to the pond and view of the beaver dam, the waterfall and the fire lookout. Wide and well-groomed trail path. Everything is exceptionally well marked and it shows that a lot of effort goes into the maintenance of this park. Great place to take kids to burn off some energy.

Make sure to explore some of the offshoots.
Check out the fire tower this trail will lead into the center of the loop.
Check out the waterfall as well!

Easy to follow trail. Mostly walking with some slight hills.

Beautiful walk, some gentle hills. Easy and quick with some pretty water scenery.

10 months ago

While i hike a portion of this trail regularly locals have informed me that hunters cameras in the last 6 weeks have caught images of a Mountain Lion and have told me to excercise extreme caution while in the area and to not get on the trail after sunset.

Great place to bring your leashed dog!

Great trail with lots of stops on the way. A fire tower with a great view, a waterfall, and a beautiful pond. You feel like you're completly lost in the woods but it's a loop so it's easy to find your way back. I'll definitely be back again!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Overgrown and not well maintained

First time hiking last year here.

Nice wide open trails with beautiful views on the side trails.

Great for dog walking!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

nice, typical new england trail.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Easiest way to get to white rock is drive to end of Ciccio rd and there is a trail to white rock. I grew up in that area, have not been up there in such a long time. The rock is just above that area, so if you were coming from roaring brook and the falls, you can just walk pass the reservoir and try to find it. It may be tough though, its kindof hidden as i remember. And its pretty far. It is such a great place though!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How exactly do you get to the ridge? More specifically "white rock"?

Easy and family friendly

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I visit Sessions Woods regularly since I first moved to CT in '09. I live 15 minutes away from it in the City of Bristol. It's nice to get away from the urban setting and appreciate the peace and tranquility of nature. There is ample parking area and information center. Though there are several trails, I usually walk the Beaver Pond Trail. Part of the trail is along the stream and it's a pleasure to see and hear the soothing water streams. There are also mini trails to explore, that branch out from the main one,. My favorite are the Beaver pond, the fire tower view point and the Waterfall (mind your steps going down to the waterfall, it is steep). In the Fall, you can appreciate the leaves changing color and the fallen leaves create a path of bright yellow and red which appears glorious to say the least. I have a special place in my heart for Sessions Woods and I hope you have an enjoyable time visiting there too!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

scenic but a little too easy if you are interested in a workout. great for kids

Love it so very pretty. Great kid friendly easy trail. Great for families!

Beautiful! Don't miss the Boardwalk.

It was a great trail with several side trails off the main loop. There is a waterfall, wildlife observatory, and so much more I have to go back. My opinion start with the beaver trail entrance and explore the side trails as you go. Terrain is pretty good as it's mostly gravel if you stay on the main trail (people bring strollers/kids/dogs). Few tougher inclines too.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

This was a great trail with lots of options and trails to take. Although it doesn't look like it on the app, This did loop around. Great incline, not extreme but just enough to get a really good workout. There are some sections with lots of rocks. Would def do again

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Did a good quick 12 miles today. I enjoyed the trail, it was well marked, gave me some nice views, and a couple little challenging up and downs. Look forward to some more time on the Tunxis trail.

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