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This is the tallest peak in CT, so it should be noted that it is a fairly steep and steady climb the first 2 miles, up up up! it relaxes a bit after that until the last mile, we went left (instead of doing the paradise lane trail) to the summit and clocked it at 7 miles total. Not sure how this site is saying 6, because the paradise lane trail looks longer. The view is stunning and worth it.

I’m an avid hiker so this hike was a piece of cake. I followed this route exactly and it was all very clearly marked. Beautiful views from the top!

Trail turned out to be more challenging than we expected but overall and so far our best hike of the year! On the way back we haven’t met almost no one so it was freaky to feel alone in the woods but we made out alive , well and before the dusk. I wouldn’t recommend bringing small kids, inexperienced pets and elderly, elevation more that 1600 ft and for the most part you just keep going up like on stepmaster. Bring lots of water and be wise with time, you ‘ll be fine

14 days ago

some good challenging uphills, and the view from the top of bear mountain is stunning.

highest point in connecticut! pretty steep near the summit (lots of fun scramble-y boulders to climb), but the views were totally worth it. really beautiful mountain vegetation along the summit area, and all downhill from there. :) we stopped for lunch about 3 miles in; took about 6 hours including a few stops and some lounging/snacking at the top.

made it with two kids -6 and 8 years old, amazing views

Beautiful, well-kempt trail. Slight inclines to keep things interesting. Great vistas. Awesome foliage.

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16 days ago

Absolutely great hiking. Nice and easy trail in the beginning and middle then become challenging near the summit if you go from east side of mountain. Definitely great view on the top.

This was my first time doing this hike and I was not disappointed. It's a beautiful hike after the first two miles with 3 lovely viewpoints.

A few points to note:

- I highly recommend doing this hike counterclockwise bearing to the right on the Paradise Lane Trail and following up to the summit. be warned, the rock scramble is extremely long and very steep and, in my opinion, should be conquered going up rather than going down. The rocks were very wet after all the rain we've had and I can't imagine ever going down that scramble without being terrified. And I'd never do it with little kids. However, I found it exciting and exhilarating trying to figure out how to manuver it. What a rush when we made it to the top!

- There was a section where we had to cross a river that was slightly rapid after all the rain. I found it rather exciting but it could be tricky if you're not prepared for something like that.

- Wear hiking boots! Mud and large puddles were everywhere!

I'd definitely do this hike again, repeating the counter clockwise trek. We clocked it at 6.6 miles.

Great hike with my daughter. Excellent views and lots of nature. On our way down, 100 meters off the trail we saw a large man like animal eating berries from a Bush. It wasn't until later that we realized we had seen big foot. Great hike.

1 month ago

Turned right towards Paradise lane, came up the back, a little longer and harder, first time out hope to return soon.

nice hike it was very foggy in the morning so we had no views from near mountain. but after bear mountain we continued to a ravine can't remember the name but it had some nice waterfalls and nice hike, then up to I think race mtn with some nice views and finally down to race brook falls, which was very cool by now we were beat and ready to get to car. overall nice hike and well marked and being partly on the AT we got to meet some cool people from all over the country.

Did this going from lions head to bear mountain in December. Light snow, a bit icy and windy but definitely worth the view for a CT hike. My dog and I were able to take our time and enjoy the view. Took about 5 hours all around including stops

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1 month ago

Trail was in great shape. Beautiful views from the top.

on Bear Mountain Trail

2 months ago

tough for an amateur like me
but I DID IT!!!!

3 months ago

One of the best hikes I've done. Very difficult at some points but it's balanced with easy spots. Great view.

3 months ago

I tried Bear Mountain Trail as an introduction to hiking in CT. I am only moderately fit and only had tennis shoes to wear. The people were so friendly, and both of my 15-20 LB dogs were able to complete the trek. The views were spectacular and there were plenty of logical spots to stop and rest/refuel as needed. We also had cell reception for the bulk of the hike. Parking was the only challenge and you have to take a dirt road to get to where we parked.

Awesome trail. But beware, hard means hard! Not for the newbie. Hiked it when it was raining and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be in that situation without climbing and scrambling skills. Can get very dangerous, very quick. Especially the back side of Bear Mt. And the ascent to Mt Everett is no joke! But what a great experience! Will be doing it again soon.

This section of the AT is difficult, that’s for sure. Sometimes the gradual climbs seem to go on forever. But once you reach the top(s) you’re rewarded with the most spectacular views. The northbound scramble down from Bear Mountain is also challenging. I’d definitely recommend hiking poles.

There are plenty of active water sources (at least in springtime) and the trails are nicely marked with ample signage. The campsites are nicely maintained, but prepare to share the shelters with other hikers. For me this proved to be an awesome opportunity to swap stories with experienced AT thru-hikers.

All-in-all a fantastically rewarding hike!

4 months ago

I have done this hike multiple times. If you want to do some light rock scrambling to the summit, bear to the right just after the trail marker for the campsite.

enjoyed this trail very much. steady climb on the blue to the AT, then gentle rise to the summit.

5 months ago

Great loop. Nice trails and view at the top. Went south-north in early April and the north side from the summit down to Sage's Ravine/Paradise Lane is basically just a sheet of ice-- definitely wouldn't go without crampons and maybe some trekking poles for balance. Looks like it'll get worse with melting/refreezing until it finally warms up. Also keep an eye out on Paradise Lane-- the blazes are pretty far apart and there's a section of the trail where fallen tree limbs/overgrowth have pretty much completely obscured the trail. Took about 3 hours total.

Great medium effort hike. Nice views. I would not recommend going down the north side without crampons until end of winter. It is an ice fall now.

Great trail, well marked. My wife and I are from the Jersey Shore and the thinner air did take a small toll on us. Beautiful sights and great hike after driving 3 hours to get there. Should have stretched a little more.

8 months ago

We did this on December 28, 2016 in lots of snow and with a high of 7 degrees! It was an awesome loop, definitely felt sub zero on the summit with the winds.

9 months ago

This was a solid hike that had a little bit of everything. The first 1/4 of the hike was challenging and really got you going. From that point, it was a beautiful and gradual ascent to the summit with a spectacular view. Don’t take this one lightly as it is time consuming and somewhat strenuous at points. Definitely worth a solid half day of your time!

Tough trail in spots - especially the climb up Mt Everett from the south. Beautiful scenery that is always changing during the hike. Sages ravine was especially beautiful.

on Bear Mountain Trail

10 months ago

very nice hike with pretty views. some rather steep sections and a decent amount of ice on some of the rocks making it more challenging. lots of other hikes that can also be done there. love the conifer trees near the summit

Beautiful trail, well marked some difficult rocky areas

10 months ago

We only did part of the loop (time restriction). It was very steep to start, but the last .75 mile or so the grade decreased (still decidedly up though). The last section was very rocky. The views were nice from the top too.

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