It’s a long winding trail. It snakes back and forth. We didn’t complete the last leg of the trail, as the snaking back and forth just got a bit redundant. We bailed out by the water tank, and walked the road back to the lake/country club. I recorded 9.4 miles on our hike. We saw some interesting sites along the way. A barn owl was spotted, along with interesting placement of some little artifacts like ceramic pumpkin kern, plastic Spiderman bust, and clam like fungus growing out of a tree trunk. As far as the natural features, the terrain is easy to navigate. There’s no major obstacle. There weren’t too many hills to traverse, so little exertion was needed. Just making sure you stayed hydrated was important. We started when it was 59F around 11am, and by finish, it was 71F around 3:30pm. A world of caution, there are ticks there, as my friend removed one from her clothing. It’s a very nice trail for beginners, but I would prefer riding my mountain bike there next time to speed thing up.