Activities: Fishing, Hiking, Letterboxing, Hunting Services: Parking, Public Shooting Range, 8 miles of gravel forest roads seasonally open to the public

Being new to the area but NOT new to hiking , I explored the area and found this "hike". It is a wooded area, not well marker, overgrown with NO scenic anything. It's literally a walk in the woods. Even my dogs were bored. ☹️️

I will not ever do this trail again... It is obviously not used by many as it is overgrown... Part of the trail is actually used by nearby houses as storage for their wood piles. It is one of the buggiest trails I have ever experienced and there are no look out points or any breaks from the woods. Part of the trail actually becomes a paved road through houses and the rest is definitely used as an ATV trail. It is not marked well and we ended up off the trail more than once.

This trail is not well marked.

new to the neighborhood and went for an after work hike. parked in the dirt lot next to the house and walked straight back. The trail will take you up to the overlook which is about 20 min in. We continued our hike by following the light blue markers...note to all hikers...if you cross the road you have gone too far! We did not know the area and tgere appear to be mutiple trails. We ended up having to double back the way we came just to get back before dark! its a beautiful area and we plan to try it again on a weekend day. We would definitely recommend this hiking trail.

mountain biking
1 year ago

I don't know why this says two miles but if you part at the reservoir and take a short hike or mountain bike it is an awesome view at the top. Pretty steep so mountain bike riders need strong legs up and very fast down. Their are three trails up this is the second hardest. The shenipsit trail is near impossible to ride up.

4 years ago

4 years ago