The cool waters of the Housatonic River make Kettletown State Park and Lake Zoar popular recreation destinations.

Awesome trail with good variety. Very buggy at times, but peaceful if you hike alone. Bring a book and enjoy the nature!

Beautiful trail that never gets boring! Great views of the Housatonic River.

4 months ago

well marked lots of variety.

This is one of my favorite spots to trail run. From looking at the maps and/or reviews, I can never tell exactly where people have been. That being said, the park is nice and quiet, clean, and maintained. The only problem I have run into is IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners. For some reason dog owners (and I am one) feel that it is ok to ignore the 'dogs leashed at all times' signs and let their dogs run wild, and even out of their sight line. Since I have been bitten 3x (NOT at KSP) I now carry mace.

With that rant out of the way--I typically park down towards the lake and run up towards the entrance, and then turn right towards the campground. I always head up the Pomperaug Trail and head back on the Blue/White trail, or the reverse. The trail is great with a variety of terrain. At times, it can get pretty challenging. If you want some extra mileage you can split off on the Pomperaug Trail and then back into KSP.