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Wander across the covered bridge, hike the falls, and feel the mist on your face as water cascades 250' down on its way to joining the Housatonic River.

Easy but cool place .

over grown
27 days ago

Beautiful hike, except for the freak rainstorm

Great trail with many waterfall overlooks...has an open field with grills and picnic tables... parking fee during weekends and holidays

Love the falls. Gets super busy sometimes.

Short but very nice!

Very steep! The railings help! Not for beginners with asthma but the pay off is incredible with the falls at the top and on the way up.

Nice hike beside a cascading waterfall

Falls are beautiful, hike is easy and worth taking your time and exploring off trail a bit. Far drive or I’d visit more frequently. Barn at base is cool for pics. Very buggy however due to the areas of still water, ticks and mosquitos.

One of my favorite trails in CT. The waterfall is beautiful, very family oriented, the steps can be a bit steep and some rocks as steps might be a bit wobbly - there is a wooden handrail. Look outs to see the falls, and at the bottom there’s plenty of grass and space for those who may not be able to do the hike / walk up the stairs but still enjoy the falls - at the bottom you there is “real” bathrooms off in the distance not just pottapottys - you could bring those who are in wheelchairs, elderly or children who need extra assistance to enjoy the falls from bottom- grass at the bottom to play soccer or a picnic- some, very few picnic tables They sometimes charge non CT license plates- not fully sure about when they charge, how much and if they charge CT residents

The falls are beautiful, and it's great for kids/families. It is very busy on nice days, so if you're looking for a quiet hike, this isn't it. It's a good spot for a picnic and a decent walk. There are stairs that make it very easy to get to the top. It's worth seeing the falls, but if you're looking for a hike, I'd recommend going to other places in Kent!

off trail
4 months ago

Easy hike with kids, beautiful views. The waterfall was spectacular. I went in later October and we were the only ones on the trail. It was so extremely peaceful. We got to enjoy the gorgeous views and still some of the changing colors of the fall foliage. I’d definitely recommend going in fall as I’ve been here several times as a kid and it was much more crowded.

Kent Falls is an hour away from home and I frequently visit the fall to get away from the city. Tranquility is a blessing!

The waterfalls are beautiful!! I went on a really cold afternoon and the trail was pretty treacherous with ice...regardless the trail was easy to follow and would be great for kids once the conditions are a bit safer. I can see why this is such a popular park in the spring and summer

Very nice cascade of waterfalls. Great views. On the top there are some places with vivid outsights.

A lot of steps to go up but worth it for the view

The falls really are beautiful. Went on a early Saturday morning while it was raining and there was only one other family there, which is not the norm but was welcoming. From past reviews this place gets packed to the point where parking is closed, so I highly recommend you go while its raining. I also went on November 3rd so i didnt have to pay the 20 dollar fee (for non residents only and definitely not worth it imo), after Oct 31 there is no fee. Trail can be hard to follow after the falls so have the offline maps downloaded and ready (service is spotty here). Lastly the town of Kent is a nice small hiker town that I highly recommend you visit, tons of small shops with a lot to see and very friendly people.

Started at Pine Knob loop and Finished at the parking area for St Johns Ledges. Nice hike for a total of 8 miles one way.

A really nice day on this trail. Easy,not too many others gonna do this again when the foliage is brighter

way too crowded

Saturday, September 01, 2018

i'm not the kids to rate low because of bugs, price, popular or bad employees. but they went from $10 to $15 in one year just for a .07 trail. love the falls but one of the locals told me that the price went up to try to keep out out of state lower income visitors. i really hope thats not true.

Great easy hike for you and the family with beautiful waterfalls and rocks. I’m not sure why you have to pay 20 bucks for parking on the weekends when it’s a state and public park? And those porto John’s bathrooms are gross, you’d think with the money they collect from people and government they would have built a new restroom for the park. Other than that, it’s nice.

Very nice park, kept nice and clean. If you do plan on going on the trail, I suggest good nonslip shoes. I saw way too many people wearing flip flops and tripping and falling when it could’ve been avoided. Waterfalls are great, trails are nice and shady. There are areas on the grass in front to have cook out with family but I suggest bringing chairs to sit. Fee for out of state visitors so keep that in mind. There is also a person that comes and sells ice cream.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Super easy hike. Wasn’t completely impressed with the fall...there wasn’t a lot of water

Great hiking, very easy. Some of the trail is paved but not the majority free parking for all CT license plates

So many different Falls to look at and a nice easy path right alongside them which goes up until reaching a bridge. Very Majestic. The park offers some shade and a nice picnicking area.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Cool bridge nice waterfall

Wow. Easily the biggest payoff for least effort hike I've done. Spectacular series of waterfalls. As you ascend the very nicely constructed (mostly paved) trail there are benches and lookout areas along the way. The money spot is at the very top, where the water spills over a cliff edge and down into a sort of cave, then cascades down further. There was a photographer down below taking photos of the uppermost falls from a tripod. There are signs telling people not to leave the trails, which he ignored. Happy to report he made it back to his car. When the paved trail ends it pays to take the root-bound trail up to the right, where you can see the stream that leads down to the falls, and even walk out above the falls if you have the guts. I ventured out a little bit but wanted to be mindful of my footing on a wet day. At the end of the trail you cross a little bridge and can descend down the other side of the falls on the red trail, which doesn't have any great views but is a nice peaceful stroll back to the parking lot, with the sound of the woods keeping you company all the way. There was also a yellow trail that led back into the woods, but I'll leave that for another time. If you want a great spot to visit or take kids, with some absolutely majestic views this is it. Picnic tables near the parking area, and totally immaculate. 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for sure! You can also fish for trout there if you want. Not sure why you'd do the red and yellow loop. All the views are on the other side of the falls - take the main (paved) trail up and the red trail back IMO.

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