Started at the park, walked over 691 and followed the white trail for a while, went right up the front and rocky part of the mountain, a bit slippery, watch out for snakes in large rocks. Trails could be marked out better, views are awesome.

A pleasant hike near the Southington/Meriden Border. Not easy to find the trailhead/start...but once on the trail, fairly well marked. A pleasant moderate sloping trail except for .2 or .3 directly to/from the top where where it is significantly steeper.

Some broken glass among the rocks along the trail... Nice view from the top...

the place is great and the view is awesome the only thing is the it doesn't have signs to guide you where the trails are. nice place to take fresh air and enjoy of the forest.

Note: I checked off "Kid-Friendly" because most of the trails are fine for kids but certain steep and rocky sections of the Blue and White trails are only for older kids with some hiking experience.
I did this one in early December with both of my dogs and my mum. We started on the White trail toward West Peak, crossed the pedestrian bridge over 691, continued uphill on White. We took a sharp left onto the Blue trail. Part of the Blue trail was very steep and narrow - I wouldn't recommend this particular trail for small kids, although many of the other trails are fine for kids. After the steep/narrow section it became very rocky - my dogs had a tough time on some of the jagged boulders. Once we were up the summit of the West Peak the view was pretty spectacular - you can see almost all the way around. We explored the different viewpoints from the summit then took the paved road to East Peak and Castle Craig, bypassing another tough section of Blue trail (maybe next time!). After checking out the views from East Peak (also spectacular, although West is a bit higher). we sought out the White trail and took that the whole way back. As you first head down the White trail from Castle Craig it's also very rocky, steep and challenging, but it eventually becomes moderate for most of the way down. I don't recall how long this took because I'm writing about it months later but I believe it was a few hours. I left off one star because there was quite a bit of broken glass on the very steep sections of Blue and White trails. Otherwise a fine hike, amazing views, and a great workout. I definitely want to do this route again in the nicer weather although I'm sure it won't be as quiet as it was in December.

Great hiking trail and awesome views from Castle Craig! It was rocky in some areas, but it wasn't too bad. The map was very helpful! Definitely will come back and hike this trail again!