Camping under the tall pines on the riverbank at Housatonic Meadows evokes a genuine back-to-nature feeling. The clear, cold river water also provides a fine opportunity for fly fishermen to test their skills on trout and bass.

Was a really cool quicker hike that still really gets you winded. Decent views, cool topography.

Absolutely beautiful trail with amazing views! I am not sure I agree 100% with the kid friendly aspect, as there are some cliff faces and sheer drops you have to climb as well as go down. Perhaps tweens and up, not too sure about younger though. My dog was able to do this with ease though haha!

awesome loop trail, fun terrain

awesome loop trail, fun terrain

Beautiful views, nice climb, the southern leg of the loop features beautiful brook. Lots of hikers today

Beautiful views. Some sections a little difficult but overall a nice hike.

very nice. rough trail. prepare to scramble or climb.

3 months ago

Fun hike with 2 seven year olds

Great day hike. Good views of Housitonic River valley

Great day hike. Good views of Housitonic River valley

Awesome little hike! Gets your blood pumping and your legs working!

Lovely shortish loop. Some steep sections. I agree with another reviewer that the blue blazes were a bit sparse in sections. We had to backtrack once or twice to regain the trail.