Always a good hike if you take the Quinnipiac trail. I enjoy starting from the north or from the south. Was just there 2/19/17. There had been a couple of nice snow falls in the last 10 days, but on this day it was in the low 60s. So there was a lot of snow melting and the waterfall was flowing strong.

Good trail, will attempt again. Didn't complete the loop, miscalculated how much time I before dusk with all the snow.

The Quinnipiac trail is a good trail to walk on. This section of the trail is a challenging short hike with a great waterfall.

loved this trail thought I was going to die from the bills but that's what I loved the most about the trail

This map shows a completely different entrance than I use to hike to the falls. I am almost 100% positive that the loop is on private property.

I could not give the Roaring Brook Falls trail five stars because it is short, only .75 miles one way.

Great hike!

I'm going to write what I wish someone else had. After you park in the cul-de-sac and walk along the gravel pathway you will come to a fork. LEFT or STRAIGHT, and a tree with a RED arrow on it pointing left. Depending on what you want go left or straight.
Straight- leads you in the woods along a gravel pathway, it was intuitive enough where to go/turn etc. There is a sharp left STRAIGHT UP small boulders. You will notice old telephone poles. (I was certain we were going the wrong way) Nope, keep going, and just follow the trail. You will come to what looks like a camp site and a lack luster water fall. THIS IS NOT IT. Keep going around staying close to the cliffs edge. (you will go up, and down and back up) but you will eventually see the 80 ft drop. When youre done follow back on the trail (Again, its intuitive enough to figure out) you'll see a stone plaque and an old fireplace. Eventually you will come back to the tree with the red arrow on it and you will have your bearings and walk back out to your car.
If it has been RAINY, I would NOT go straight. Staying left and doing an out and back would be the safest option. This is a strenuous hike either direction. Straight is def MORE difficult than going left in my opinion. I probably wouldn't bring small children or nonathletic people on this hike.

just tough enough to be a good workout. not as far to the falls as advertised. about 20 to 25 minutes from parking lot to falls at brisk pace