The NY section is outstanding. In August no readily accessible crossing of water to complete the loop outlined here - had to back track. Wear waterproof hiking boots and tick repellant. Mosquitoes will be an issue for some. CT portion is lovely, but overgrown with grass and weeds - be prepared for scratches and wet clothes. Inconsistently maintained mud crossings that are often in a weird place. Lots of downed trees, but trails are passable. Trail markings are very Connecticut- too few in some spots, but pretty.
Lots of furniture and unusable human structures (cabin-like almost lean-tos that can fit only a small child). Bird boxes, bat boxes along trail. Not a lot of bird calls or small wildlife in evidence, though. Not a wide variety of flowering plants (grass instead). It’s beautiful. Perhaps if more people kick a buck in the donation box at the trail head some trail maintenance can be performed. For instance managing the tulip poplar saplings that will surely choke each other out and create problems for those that survive; re-align and repair the mud crossing; clean-up the liquor bottles on the CT portion; update the trail map. It’s rated as moderate, but it’s more on the easy end of the spectrum. Children can handle it, if they can walk a fair distance, have appropriate footwear and an adult moves the prickers out of the way. If the child is not comfortable outdoors, this walk/hike might not be fun during portions. There are picnic tables randomly placed along the trail.
Dog loved it.
People were arriving as we were leaving on a weekend morning. I bet it gets crowded. Crushed phone battery. Crushed. Bring a portable power supply or turn off. Crushed. A full battery. Having to back track makes the hike little longer.
Pleasant walk. Enjoy.