8 days ago

Best hike in CT that i've been on so far. just be careful with the doggos when you get to the top.

Excellent Views! It exceeded my expectations! I recommend this hike! The very beginning is very steep, so be careful.

1 month ago

Great views for a short hike.

Favorite trail in CT thus far. Great in very aspect.

3 months ago

Very cold, layer up during this cold spell.

Great hike and nice views.

Not moderate, seven switchbacks to reach ridgeline

A great trail that offers outstanding views and both moderate and easy hiking terrain.

on Chauncey Peak Trail

4 months ago

Very rocky. Good cardio.

Nice hike. Beautiful views.

4 months ago

Nice little hike to the top, few curves while climbing are steep.. Colors NONE

Hiked on the blue and yellow trails yesterday. The yellow trail is very rocky while the blue trail is incredibly steep and very narrow on the inclines. Most of it is straight up. I had my 20 pound dog with me who hiked it just fine. There were lots of other dogs around as well. Be prepared for wildlife...snakes in the water and foxes on the trails. Beautiful place.

Nice hike. The part of the trail to Chauncey Peak is steep and rocky. The scenery is beautiful and well worth the hike to the peak. Seems to be well maintained.

Nice and quick hike

Great views

I love this hike for an after work hike. I (believe i) posted a route that uses blue trail, red, and back to blue that gets both Chauncey and Lamentation.


Awesome trail !!

7 months ago

I did the blue and white trail. It was very pleasant, some rocky area for a little challenge but not hard. View was gorgeous. Great for a quick adventure during the day!

7 months ago

Blue trail very nice, beautiful views

great views of the reservoir

8 months ago

First time here...came to fish but took in the scenery and enjoyed hike around reservoir....will DEFINITELY be back!!!

8 months ago

Beautiful trail, I recommend starting on the left side of the dam and following the blue trail up to the top, pretty easy hike, gorgeous views and my dog was able to climb with me no problem

The new and gentler trail up Chauncy Peak is well constructed.

9 months ago

Watch out for snakes around the pond!!!!

My all time favorite,most beautiful and perfect trail for any hiker .

I did the blue trail I started near the lake not the water fall, from blue trail I did the red and back to the blue! It was great trail elevation went up and down! Great cardio, great views

Awesome views!!

I love Chauncey peak! My friend and I took the blue trail straight to the peak and the view was spectacular. We wandered around on top of the mountain to see the views from each side, and all of them were beautiful. Definitely recommend - great day trip. I'm looking forward to doing the entire blue trail loop around the reservoir next time.

10 months ago

Absolutely beautiful area. We decided to take the blue trail which starts off walking along the lake and then you start cutting through more of a woodsy scenery uphill. The blue trail has a breathtaking view at the top. It looked like rain so we turned around after the viewpoint but I would definitely go back. There's a parking lot so you don't have to park on a side street which is nice. Great day for a family outing.

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