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Beautiful views, and great hike..

1 month ago

My husband and I love this area for hiking. It is utterly beautiful here. You can really get a great workout while seeing nature at its best. On the last stretch back to your vehicle is a bit steep which gives you that final burn, but if inexperienced make sure you leave a bit of steam for it.

1 month ago

Beautiful views of the falls and real easy.

Short and easy. A few slippery spots but hey your next to water lol. Perfect hot day getaway with few swimming holes.

We hiked the falls trail and I can say that each fall is unique and has you in awe. The trail that runs along the river and falls is not marked well and we lost our way for a bit and wound up climbing uphill to find the return trail of the loop. It was a warm day and lots of people were going into the pools below each of the taller falls! I'd recommend you apply bug repellant of some sort too.

2 months ago

Very fun, short hike with great views and swimming holes. Perfect for summer!

park and take a left for a short hike with three different little falls to see within 15 minutes of parking the main trail above the falls is easy for all levels to get down to the top of the falls it's a steep grade with some drop offs but still not very difficult if you take a right from parking you will not find falls but lots of trails and forks in the river to fallow back upstream good place to go with kids and also for a short hike or you could spend some time their

2 months ago

Nice little hike, beautiful trail and the waterfalls were very impressive. Only downside is the trails were not marked well, but other than that highly recommended!

I hiked this one a couple weeks ago. I would rate its difficulty as moderate.Nice forest setting but no peaks or outcrops to view the landscape.The caves were pretty cool but a little treacherous to climb down to. I was disappointed not to see the Indians in the cave.We must of arrived while they were out hunting game

Great hiking here! Gives you a great work out and our dog loves it too!

Really nice trail, bit of elevation gain/loss but not too bad. Lots of geocaches along the way. Not a ton of views.

Come here all the time and probably always will. Awesome spot

Pretty area. A bit of a shorter hike but nice little falls

5 months ago

easy is relative I guess. I chose for the 'easy' rating to take my four year old. too steep and icy to make it a safe trip. looks like this will be an amazing summer hike with him though. will re-rate then.

nature trips
8 months ago

I like it because there's a couple of cliffs you can jump off and there's a couple of water pool area for kids to play in. There's a few rock areas that daring kids like to climb. Too dangerous as far as I'm concerned.
The trail itself is poorly marked but it would be very difficult to get lost. It's a moderate level hike but not too adventurous. Steep walk down and very slippery once you start going towards the water.

Great hike! Tried a shorter trail today got turned around

trail running
9 months ago

This should not be rated hard. It's a great trail run but definitely not hard.

9 months ago

Pretty views! Trail isn't marked but it's almost impossible to get lost even if you venture a little off trail if you walk up you'll hit the main trail and if you walk down you'll hit the stream and waterfalls.

Well marked trail and easy to follow. Fun is in the hike rather the caves. Had a good time.

Beautiful but not an "easy" trail- rating should definitely be moderate. Not well marked and slippery in some areas. Very steep as well! Well worth a visit though.

An old local favorite, be advised the slick rocks and overgrown trail merit at least a 'moderate' difficulty rating.

Definitely want to hike this in its entirety. Picked this trail because we only had enough time for a 5 mile hike. Thought it was going to be 4.9 in and out, but that's only 1 way. It was a good hike.

Lu get the

Trail is easy, though slippery sometimes, and poorly signaled. Follow both the purple markers and the wide flat path to stay on it.

If you want to splash around the waterfalls below, it's a very slippery way down and up, any of the muddy steep paths. Bring proper scrambling shoes with good grip. Definitely moderate to difficult, and totally worth it. This place is magical.

Short simple hike but the waterfalls and streams were beautiful.

11 months ago

good jaunt in the woods.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

dogs loved it easy for both dogs and young kids.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Beautiful hike, very well marked once you are on the trail. Follow everyone's instructions here to cross the street and look for a foot bridge to get to the trail head. The street you will be crossing is kind of busy. Terrain changes so often, breath taking views. Certain part of the hike reminded us of Sequoia national park. Lot of bugs specially if it has rained recently. Also everyone in our group had ticks when we got back so make sure to check for those. I would rate this hike easy-moderate. Not difficult at all.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Very nice hike, with some decent ups and downs. Uneven terrain not ideal for trail run. Massive rocks and old stone foundations. 5+ mile round trip.

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