4 months ago

Decided to take Lions Head to Bear Mountain Summit.

From the start of the trailhead to the top of Lions Head it took us 39 minutes / 1.11 miles. It should not be rated as hard, it is rather steep but took very little time to get to the top. The blue blazes do start to go away as you join the AT. You will get to an area that looks like a camp site and you want to follow the white blazes to the top of Lions Head which will put you at 1738 feet overlooking greater salisbury.

We continued to follow the AT after Lion Heads summit which was really just a nice casual walk in the woods with not much rocky terrain at all. The path zig zags a little bit and doesn't feel like you are actually climbing to the top of Bear Mountain. You will pass three campsites enroute to the summit of Bear - Riga, Ball Brook, and Brassie Brook. You will also then see a sign for where the undermountain trail connects to the AT. After that sign you will run into seeing bear mountain road on the left, and a sign that says trail on the right. Take that right to continue to follow the AT.

What follows is a rocky trek up to the top, you will run into one false summit but continue going to the top of bear until you see the big pile of rocks at the top. It took us from lions head summit to bear mountain summit right around 1 hour and 50 minutes / 3.42 miles. My garmin 920XT stated we were at 2,368 feet. We were hiking at a moderate pace, nothing too intense.

On the way back it took us 1 hour and 55 minutes to get from the top of Bear to the Lions Head trailhead where we started. We moved at a relatively swift pace.

Overall an excellent hike which took us a total of 5 hours and 8.8 miles. Would recommend to anyone of any skill level. Reference the Lions Head Trail Map I posted to the photos.