Activities: Bird Watching, Boating, Fishing

Really beautiful views and fun technical single track with some pretty demanding climbs throughout. Inconsistently marked at points. Plan on doing it again asap to clean it up and mark a little better where is needed. Super fun over all

My boyfriend & I only got to hike the Seven Falls Loop today. More of a moderate hike. A few places to scramble over. I only gave this trail a 3-star rating because my boyfriend and I will be lucky if we don't get some tick born illness or serious poison ivy/oak. I get we are hiking but I just don't love hiking a slim little trail through weeds and prickers. Good hike when things opened up. Would like to go back in the fall and do the entire blue trail. Definitely a pants & long sleeve shirt kind of hike. Wear bug spray.

Great hike so close to home. Definitely one to keep you in shape. I saw deer, coyotes and a lone turkey. Pay careful attention to the trail as many paths intersect the trails and you can get turned around

This part of the mattabassett is full of different terrain. Some spots along the streams and giant boulder cliffs demanded a stop. I went on a rainy week...the rock ledges are slick with lychens. No far reaching overlooks although there are some glimpses through the higher elevations. A laurel conservatory on northern end. There are some wood ticks and this past week was swarming with caterpillars. Definitely inspired to do more of this trail.

Excellent trial! if you see 1 other person out there you're lucky. Quiet, fairly easy, all around good spot.

Did up and around Bear Hill. The trails are enjoyable with some cardio action but to say this is hard is an overstatement. Note if it has been raining, leave your sissy trail runners at home. Boots only. Many of the trails are stream beds or are not well drained.

Really great hike. Gave me a good workout. I just wish it had better scenic views.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016