Great trail to run!

trail running
1 month ago

Pretty good elevation change for a run in the winter. The trails twist and turn so make sure you look at the markings. Good scenery and views

I hiked it today, 1-16-17, for the first time in probably 10 years. I forgot how much fun it was. It's a great little loop with a lot of rock formations to play on. I'll definitely be back for another adventure before another 10 years goes by.

Diverse terrain and some scrambling

Great physical hike. I felt like the trail was pretty easy to follow. The "Miles of Ledges" is somewhat misleading as there are no real views. But I enjoyed the scrambling and hiking this trail offered.

PLEASE READ- I did this trail a month ago and got lost, we couldn't finish the whole trail. This time we finished but I have to warn you it is difficult, not moderate! Pay close attention to the markings, you have to look out far for some of them. You have to climb up several mountains (At least on the blue and yellow we did). We Went Through steep crevices & The highest elevation we hit was over 1000 ft. It was a great workout but I wasn't prepared for all that climbing. It was about 6 miles if not more (I stopped recording by accident at one point) At one point you hit the road but keep walking until you see the lake. Be warned and prepared. I think if you keep going around the lake and take the red trail back you might avoid the climbing but not sure.

some parts were fun and challenging but not much in the scenery dept. I thought by the name it would have some nice views and I didn't like having to walk about 3/4 of a mile on the road either.

This was very difficult to follow. Kept losing the trail and had to back track several times. Would do it again just because we weren't really able to finish it because we had to keep back tracking and it got dark. One tip is if you need up by the water on the road keep going the trail picks back up on the other side of the lake.

Great hike. Love the den, sitting above and watching the sunrise. Moderate hike. My dog appreciates it :)

This is a great trail with some very difficult parts. If you go in knowing that then the trail is a lot of fun!

Love this trail. It's not super worth it to go up the tory den, but we hike through the ledges, make some hot dogs and hike back all the time.