Did 20 miles on it today. It was just an ok walk. But it sure was nice out for the start of November.

When I want to take a long ride to New Haven, its by this trail. I really love the partial shade and the restaurants nearby.

I love this trail! I've been on it since I was a little girl. I've recently gotten back into walking everyday and it's really not that crowded and the people you do see always smile as you walk by. Very friendly! And a beautiful trail!

I've been on this trail many a times. It's a flat walk on pavement and is very crowded. It has alot of roller blading, biking, and activity. It's a great walk NOT a hike I think. I think it's great for families with baby stollers that want to get outside. I personally like to stick to the woods with hills and views :)

What a great find. We started in Cheshire and headed down to Hamden, just after the Stop & Shop. We parked in the lot across the street from the trail-head. Bike trail is great! mostly flat, paved asphalt, a couple hills but not bad at all. Lock 13 was an excellent view of what the locks looked like back in the late 1800's.