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Good wooded trail to connect with main trail

Great walk until shotguns started popping 20 ft away next to us on the trail by parking lot, shot guns being fired in direct line with parking area. apparently quail season is upon us. I do not intent my review as a complaint to stop hunting but would liked to have been better informed of the open season at the head of the trails right at parking lot or here on website to better inform myself. Walking along trails with excited hunters quickly aiming at prey that fly up from the ground do not mix well.

Great loop

Great trail, nice views and no mosquitos on November 4th!

pretty but not too long. I rode horses there and it was pretty good although some low branches in the wooded area.

Local trail with some great bird watching but going in the summer presents one major issue - mosquitos. Applied continuously on this short hike and they didn't care. Usually do this hike in the spring and it is much more enjoyable then.

Beautiful but very buggy. Had to cut the walk short. Will be back in the fall.

Beautiful hike but be ready for some serious mosquitos! Will return only after the first frost.

Has amazing views but majority of the hike is in high grass. If you wanna go for the view just do 20 minutes of it

An absolutely gorgeous place to walk and bird but I have never seen such a concentration of wood ticks anywhere. We probably picked 50 off of our small dog and a few off of ourselves. If it weren't for these critters, I would rate as 5 stars and return many times. Cool cemetery and interesting history (farmsite that helped 18th-century slave win his freedom, as well as a bombing target range in the 1940s).

Beautiful easy walk through the trees and then by the salt marshes with the Ospreys and Egrets

Great to do with your kids!!!! My 7 year old son loved it!

trail running
Sunday, October 09, 2016

One of my favorite places in CT. The trails are great for running and hiking, great scenery and great spot to bring the dog. You can run anywhere from 3 to 7 miles dependent on which trails you take.

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Monday, October 03, 2016

Nice 3 mile loop plus some side trails. Variety of terrain including salt marsh (elevated dirt road so dry even at high tide) upland marsh and forest. Mixed use including equestrian and dog friendly.

trail running
Saturday, May 28, 2016

Visiting Westerly from CA, my wife and I ran this trail on 5/26/16. We entered at the trailhead just above the boat launch and ran the loop in a clockwise direction. Enjoyed the scenery. Trail is good, with enough gentle elevation change, twists and turns, and varied surfaces to keep it interesting. Rocky in spots but still runnable, wet in spots. We are not fast runners and completed the loop in about 40 minutes, so it's not 5+ miles. It's more like 3+ miles.

trail running
Monday, April 04, 2016

Lucky to have this trail so close to home. You won't see much elevation but the scenery is nice. It's an easy loop.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Nice little hike. Wouldnt really rate it as moderate, great place to even go on a hike with young children. Did this one back in early April of 2015. Set my hammock up down by the boat launch between two of the piers and had a nice relaxing lunch.
Great place to bird watch as i ran into many people who were solely there to enjoy the sights of the featehred companions.
Really funny driving in as one of the houses is customized to look like a castle with a full suit of armor in view from one of the windows and gargoyles all around it.

This is a really nice trail. Lots of wildflowers and wild life. Beautiful views of marsh and sound areas. The trail mostly follows an old road through the marsh. It is higher than the marsh and dry.

not much to see, very quiet. Lots of bugs.

Beautiful place to run or walk. We like to take the dogs with us and the woke family gets fresh air.

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