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Steep at the get go but later on takes many ups and downs all the way though the summit. Perfect terrain and distance for trail runners.

Beautiful 360 degree views, including Denver, Morrison and Golden. Not a drop of shade, but that’s why you go for a sunset. Considerably steep at the get-go, but there are several interweaving paths of varying distances to accommodate all schedules and most fitness levels.

mountain biking
1 month ago

love this trail! hiking up isn't bad, riding down is a blast! the view from the top is great and plenty to look at on the way down. looking forward to riding more trails in this area!

I mean it was a decent hike. but the climb up, while physically challenging, was honestly boring. it's just dirt and gravel everywhere, there's no shade, and when we went (mid August) there were bugs swarming at our faces and biting our necks. it felt like a desert. the view was nice, though. and yeah there are a lot of mountain bikers, but there's usually enough room to let them pass.
probably wouldn't do it again for fun, but for exercise it's good

Trek as long or short as you want. Looks easy, but it's not!

Lots of trails to choose from and lots of sun. Had meant to do the Zorro trail on my off day for an easy run but stumbled upon these trails. Pleasant surprise. Will definitely be going back to venture some of the tracks I didn't cover. Lots of bikes but this me some time to rest on some of the steeper inclines. Great space

This trail is awesome because it’s right on the side of the road but you have access to amazing views of all of the Denver metro area. If you make it all the way up you get to see the splendor of the mountains. Great place for a short getaway if you don’t have a lot of time.

Great park where you can pick and choose trails, difficulty, and length. No shade coverage anywhere so very hot and exposed.

Great leg workout mostly uphill. A lot of bikers but courteous on the path. Beware no shade, bring lots of water. No resting spots for breaks. Maps are poorly marked but we enjoyed the run!

5/21/18 start 5:30pm. First of all, this is categorized wrong. It’s an easy trail, not moderate. It’s also boring compared to countless other trails you could hike. This should be classified as MOUNTAIN BIKING ONLY. The paths are relatively wide in a lot of places with no real technical hiking challenges. In the places where path was not wide I had to get out of the way for WAY too many bikes. Never ever had to say that before about a trail. One bike guy announced himself from way up the hill and then came charging down at freight train speed. Scared me to death and almost lost my balance. Dear biker: you don’t need to be going that fast on a trail with hikers. Won’t be doing this trail again.

Started the trail around 930am on a Wednesday. Very little traffic, maybe 10-15 people passed by on foot or bikes.

Perfect! Trails can get super busy as the day goes by. Most using the trails are courteous but there are plenty of mountain bikers who whiz past you so be alert.

The view at the top is nice but I'm not sure it's worth having to listen to the highway, consistently moving out of the way for mountain bikers, and being very hot because there is no shade.

My wife and I hiked wearing our one year old and waking our dog. Nice views of Denver and it's suburbs.

I live on this mountain and enjoy hiking here. It is busy during the warmer months, and as others point out, many bikers don’t share the path or watch their speed which is annoying but hey, driving 6th Avenue has the same issue so you get used to it. Watch for rattle snakes!

Easy, enjoyable hike. Great for a newbie to the area getting used to a little elevation (like me!) and still wanting some nice views without traveling too far. Saw some cool birds and a coyote.

This was an awesome trail with a beautiful view. It was windy 3/18 and there were mostly mountain bikers but everyone was extremely nice and respectful of all trail rules. 10/10 might be back next weekend!

beautiful views! for my first hike it was well worth it!

Lots of bikes, but the trail is more than wide enough for bikes and people. Not a peaceful hike if there’s a motocross race going on across the road.

This trail was a lot of fun to run. The only suggestion I have is to be familiar with the trails before you head up the mountain. The kiosk at the trailhead has a trail map, but it isn't very specific and doesn't show distances per trail. Being a first-time on the mountain, I ended up talking to several friendly trail runners who gladly helped me out. Super nice weather!

Great walk. Windy today and some mud (

shows signs of a lot of people. too much bike activity with riders thinking mud is fun with no respect for the trail damage.

10 months ago

This was a great hike- BUT- be warned! It doesn’t have a huge vertical but it happens quickly (you are basically climbing straight up the Green Mountain). It was too much for our low-energy dog, who needed to take breaks several times going up (we didn’t mind because we needed them, too!). I went on a weekday when it was 60 degrees, so it was crowded but not terribly so. The bikers were respectful, as were other people hiking with or without dogs. The trail is big enough for everyone to share the space. The views were gorgeous!! Especially on a day with a clear blue sky.

Good for a close, early hills hike.

This trail has been taken over by bikers. Even though the ordinance by Lakewood Regional Parks requires bikers to yield to walkers and hikers, that is not the reality. Parks should change this park’s rules or tell bikers to change or leave.

Many bikers- great for a workout especially if you start the trail to the left.

More of a mountain biking trail. Not great for hiking.

I liked this hike more than I was anticipating! Even though it is literally right off 470 it’s great. The first 1.2 miles is moderately steep incline to the top when you go to the left. The rest is smooth sailing downhill. Great view of Lakewood/mountains from the top and 470 actually doesn’t ruin it! Finished the 4 miles in an hour and forty minutes, so great for a quick hike/work or close to home.

This is a very nice trail extremely close to downtown Denver. My girlfriend and I hiked the largest loop possible starting from the lot west of C470. We started off going up the step incline to the left by the large rock outcropping... this may have been out first mistake. This path is nice and wide but a straight incline for well over a mile. We really liked all the different trail options and for being just an open space with no trees it was actually very pretty. Our only complaints about the trail is the different trail options aren't defined very well, gender the reason we took the largest loop, evening ending up on Alameda at ones point. The other HUGE complaint is this trail is an excellent mountain biking trail. We must have yielded to no less than 150 bikes in our 2:45 of hiking, and in some sections they are flying well over 20/30 mph.

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