shows signs of a lot of people. too much bike activity with riders thinking mud is fun with no respect for the trail damage.

22 days ago

This was a great hike- BUT- be warned! It doesn’t have a huge vertical but it happens quickly (you are basically climbing straight up the Green Mountain). It was too much for our low-energy dog, who needed to take breaks several times going up (we didn’t mind because we needed them, too!). I went on a weekday when it was 60 degrees, so it was crowded but not terribly so. The bikers were respectful, as were other people hiking with or without dogs. The trail is big enough for everyone to share the space. The views were gorgeous!! Especially on a day with a clear blue sky.

Good for a close, early hills hike.

This trail has been taken over by bikers. Even though the ordinance by Lakewood Regional Parks requires bikers to yield to walkers and hikers, that is not the reality. Parks should change this park’s rules or tell bikers to change or leave.

Many bikers- great for a workout especially if you start the trail to the left.

More of a mountain biking trail. Not great for hiking.

I liked this hike more than I was anticipating! Even though it is literally right off 470 it’s great. The first 1.2 miles is moderately steep incline to the top when you go to the left. The rest is smooth sailing downhill. Great view of Lakewood/mountains from the top and 470 actually doesn’t ruin it! Finished the 4 miles in an hour and forty minutes, so great for a quick hike/work or close to home.

This is a very nice trail extremely close to downtown Denver. My girlfriend and I hiked the largest loop possible starting from the lot west of C470. We started off going up the step incline to the left by the large rock outcropping... this may have been out first mistake. This path is nice and wide but a straight incline for well over a mile. We really liked all the different trail options and for being just an open space with no trees it was actually very pretty. Our only complaints about the trail is the different trail options aren't defined very well, gender the reason we took the largest loop, evening ending up on Alameda at ones point. The other HUGE complaint is this trail is an excellent mountain biking trail. We must have yielded to no less than 150 bikes in our 2:45 of hiking, and in some sections they are flying well over 20/30 mph.

Beautiful hike and has an amazing view of denver when you make it up! Wonderful for our dog as well

3 months ago

Nice hike very close to Denver. I was pleasantly surprised with the terrain after you cross the freeway and start on the trail. The top offers a tremendous 360 view; clear views back into the mountains and of downtown Denver. There were a lot of mountain bikers and it also seemed to be a great spot to trail run if hiking isn’t your jazz. You’ll be sure to be greeted by the chorus of prairie dogs. Keep an eye out for rattlesnakes as we saw one about a quarter of a mile in. Overall, definitely check it out especially for the view at the top. Over and out.

A good trail but I brought the wiener dog with me and it was a bit too much for him this time. Great views of Denver though

4 months ago

So pretty! You can see everything... downtown, the Flatirons, the mountains.

Fair trail close to city. Be careful for rattlesnakes.

From the 470 side it's a good short vertical gain of about 700 feet in 1.1 miles great for repeats especially time is limited.

Very boring hike. There are some great views here and there, but the rest if very boring. Zero shade - I mean zero. Not even at the trail heads. No picnic tables, no water sources and poorly marked trails. A lot of mountain bikers seem to be enjoying the terrain - not too steep and some great single track. I would not recommend this for a hike. I needed to get a 20 miler in with my son for his Hiking Merit Badge and the 20.8 mile loop looked great online - but you have to watch the route closely on the app to make sure you don't miss the turns due to the poor marking.

North route is steep dirt road without much to see. South route longer but more naturey. Terrific 360 degree views from the top where you can clearly make out downtown, the Flat Iron, Pike's Peak and Red Rocks. Nice wild flowers.

Green Mountain Trail turns into Rooney Valley Trail

Pee before you hike or at least don't guzzle water. There's no place to drop trou without a biker zipping up on you or in plain view of pretty much anyone on your side of the mountain. ;) It's pretty but hot! Absolutely no shade. Lots of routes to choose from.

7 months ago

No shade, which was not the most pleasant in the summer, but scenic views and wildflowers. I'm pretty clumsy, so my foot slipped on the loose rubble coming down, so be sure to wear shoes with good traction.

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