Beautiful gradual hike uphill till the top (about 2.23 miles). No shade so do early in the morning. We saw elk and ground hogs.

certain trails not kid friendly. not clearly marked.

GORGEOUS. But due to the recent snow, the trail was very muddy and there were a few places where you had to walk through snow or a small stream. Regardless, had a great time!

A great 6 mile hike super close to Denver with superb views of the mountains !

One of my favorite hiking areas close to Denver. Decent opportunity for elevation gain (especially if you take the fire road from the West side - that seems pretty steep). You can connect numerous trails into the distance you want . . . and loop and loop and loop.

Popular with mountain bikers, but 9/10 of them are extremely polite. 1/10 bikers should be reminded that they are supposed to yield to hikers, equestrians, deer, porcupines, voles . . . you get the idea.

Note -- the 3,000' plus elevation gain is if you do every single trail (thus descend and climb). From trailhead to highest point is about 930' or so.